Which Country Drinks the Most Wine?

on January 3, 2010

Q. I suppose we probably drink our fair share, but which country makes the most wine?

A. We’ve come a long way since Prohibition, but we’ve still got a ways to go if we’re going to catch up with top traditional wine-producing countries. When it comes to sheer volume of wine produced each year, Italy is number one, with France a close second, followed by Spain. Who’s in fourth? Hooray for our side!

But do we really drink our fair share? That depends on how you measure it. In terms of total volume as a country, well, we’re a big country, and that helps position us in third place, behind France and Italy. On a per person basis, though, we’re relative teetotalers. The average French person drinks approximately 13 to 14 gallons of wine per year, or about 40 bottles, compared to only about 6.5 bottles per person in the United States.

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