Teeny’s Tour of Pie

Heroes, Local Heroes
on April 26, 2012
Teresa Blackburn

One fall, a pie pumpkin arrived in Teeny Lamothe’s weekly community- supported agriculture subscription. What else to do with it other than bake a pie? Many more pies followed, and soon she was selling mini bourbon bacon pecan pies to a barbecue restaurant in Chicago, and the idea of Teeny Pies was born.

Deciding pastry school was too expensive and intrigued with the old-world tradition of apprenticeship, Teeny began emailing and calling pie shop owners to see if they could use an extra set of hands in their kitchens.


Since October 2011 she has been volunteering at pie shops and peddling her pies all around the country, staying with friends or friends of friends whenever possible. At each month-long stop along her tour, Teeny gleans new techniques and ideas she’ll put to use when she opens her own shop in Chicago. Last time we checked, she was on her way to the Pie Lab in Greensboro, Ala.

Teeny, also called the “pie lady,” is working on a book of her pie adventures. You can follow her on her blog at teenypies.tumblr.com

—Story by Michelle Trehy, a freelance writer in Brookline, Mass.

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