Romantic Breakfast for Two

Breakfast, Holidays, Recipes, Valentine's Day
on December 25, 2011
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

How do you prove your love on Valentine’s Day? Some enthusiasts might say you need to plan a swanky dinner on a city barge, or surprise your true-love with a string quartet—but we think Valentine's Day begins much sooner than the dinner hour. How about a breakfast for two that will let your bleary-eyed darling know just how much you care, even when comfy PJs are the attire?

Here are a few tips on making the meal special:

  • Hit Your Honey's Sweet Spot: Whether your baby is crazy for crispy bacon or a sucker for quiche, show you remember and admire the person’s tastes with a personalized menu. This may require a few sneaky questions in the weeks leading up, but it will be well worth it when your sweetie sees you made everything with him or her in mind.

  • Loving Shapes: A little bit of cheesiness is always well received on V-Day. Shape fluffy pancakes (or even eggs) into hearts using a pancake mold, arrange French toast to spell out “I Love You,” or use heart shaped pans to mold baked goods. The overwhelming theme of love will result in a good laugh and if you’re lucky—a kiss or two.
  • Sweet Surprises: Go above and beyond the expected by preparing a few items the person isn’t familiar with but you have a good feeling will be adored. A bowl of strawberries dipped in white chocolate always make for a nice addition, while just about no one can resist a basket of sweet homemade buns. Still clueless? Consult our romance heavy breakfast recipes below.


—By Emily Arno