What We Love About Our Kitchens

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on September 29, 2012

No matter how big or small, a kitchen is the center of a home. It’s our favorite gathering spot for sharing life, love and most importantly…food…amidst boundless culinary adventuring. Here are ours. How share yours.

Editor Jill Melton:
“I’ve had a big, luxurious kitchen for about, oh, 5 minutes of my life. But sadly, after a 2 year renovation complete with a viking stove and granite island, we moved. Other than that, I’ve had old kitchens to make do with. And honestly, that’s fine. I like a cozy kitchen. It’s the functionality that matters most. And counter space. And light. Did I mention light? Windows are a must. I love my current kitchen, which is tight, light and perfect. No wasted steps. Everything is at arm’s length. I have shelves for my most used cookbooks, counter space for coffee, mixer, and cutting board, and best of all, I have my pot rack. Everyone gathers at the table under the canopy of pots for lots of great meals and conversation. Bloom where you grow I say.”

Managing Editor Candace Floyd:
“After 15 years of wishing, then 10 years of planning, then 4 months of construction, I finally got a new kitchen for my 1920’s era house. The ‘triangle’ is my favorite part. The prep area (with a small sink), the range in a small island and the refrigerator are just two or three steps away from each other. When friends come for dinner, I encourage them to stay on the other side of the island by telling them there’s an imaginary yellow caution tape they cannot cross—I then have the small cooking space all to myself, just the way I like it.

Relish Stylist Teresa Blackburn:
We love everything about Teresa’s kitchen, particularly her magazine rack/bulletin board (shown above) perfect for posting recipes and  displaying magazines.  Her kitchen is  minimal, bright, cozy, and moveable. Every surface is on wheels. Literally. We call it our studio C. It’s very much the heart of the Relish operation—it’s where we test recipes, photograph, shoot videos, meet and eat. White walls? You bet. Best for showcasing her latest artistic venture, be it paintings, towels or jars of freshly canned preserves. Always inspirational, and like its owner, great karma.

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