Recipes from Nigella Lawson

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on November 15, 2012
Nigella Lawson
Lis Parsons

Cookbook author Nigella Lawson is more of a food anti-hero really. She claims no impressive-sounding  cooking credentials, is wholly self-taught as a chef and frequently dabbles in indulgent dishes without ever stopping to count the calories. Or fat grams. Or carbs. But that’s why we love her. In her own words, her greatest qualification as a culinary expert (aside from winning a laundry list of awards and starring in multiple TV series, including Nigellissima on BBC Two) is the fact that she likes to eat. We’re also enamored with her approach to food—cook well, cook often and always share with people you love. And don’t be afraid to break a rule or two while you’re at it. In fact, insist on it. Here is a clip from Nigellissima on making a chocolate olive oil cake followed by her simple guacamole with a blue cheese twist—both perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

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