Mother-Approved Menu

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on May 1, 2009

Mother's Bistro is the perfect mother-daughter bonding space, the ideal setting for a baby shower brunch, and the place to take Mom for her birthday or a special occasion. And it's where you'll find a monthly rotation of favorite recipes of mothers from around the world.

Chef-owner Lisa Schroeder's vision for the restaurant came about when she decided that she was failing her daughter by working 13-plus hours a day in her marketing career with no time to properly feed her.

"There was no place to get 'mother' food-the kind I would make if I had the time. So I decided to open a place called Mother's," she says.

The nurturing meals present the best of what any mother would prepare at home. In addition to her regular menu, Schroeder offers dishes from a featured "mother of the month," or "M.O.M." Recently, when Brooklyn, N.Y.-born Elaine Cog was the mother of the month, the restaurant featured her recipes for Brisket Sauerbraten, Tuna Melt and Poppy Seed Layer Cake. Schroeder believes that some of the best regional meals are not found in restaurants, but in homes, made by mothers. Here are some of Schroeder's most popular recipes-perfect for mothers everywhere, no doubt.

By Jody Shee, a food writer in Olathe, Kan.

Recipes courtesy of Mother's Bistro, Portland, Ore. For more information on Mother's Bistro, go to