Meals You Can Make in Your Cupcake Pan

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on June 26, 2013
Savory Bites Lasagna Cupcakes

Cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner—every kid’s misguided fantasy, until now. In Savory Bites: Meals You Can Make In Your Cupcake Pan, Hollis Wilder shares savory recipes for every occasion, all beautiful and beautifully portioned.

Savory BitesThere’s something to be said for miniatures—hand-held, self-serve and so darn cute. Try one of these three recipes (and beyond) and have some fun in the kitchen with that muffin tin. Cupcake-sized portions of savory dishes are perfect for tempting party guests, coaxing picky eaters, and preparing packed breakfasts and lunches.

Imagine a picnic of all perfectly portioned, single-serve tarts and casseroles, or an easy breakfast on-the-go for the entire family.