Healthy Family Dinners

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on September 1, 2007

Ann Cooper is on a mission to change the way our children eat. She’s out to reform school district spending policies and commodity-based food service organizations to ensure that kids across the country have wholesome, nutritious, delicious food at school—and at home. Check out her informative website at to learn more and take a look these recommendations you can put to work right away in your own family.

Lessons from Ann Cooper’s Lunch Lessons:

* Eat breakfast.
* Encourage exercise.
* Don’t make food a reward or a punishment.
* Don’t be a short-order cook; make the same dinner for everyone.
* Involve your kids in shopping and meal preparation.
* Grow food with your kids, even if it’s just in a window box.
* Take your kids to the farmers’ market so they’ll understand that food doesn’t come from a grocery store.
* Practice what you preach—eat well yourself.

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