Meet the DaVinci® Wine Storyteller Finalists

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on June 27, 2014
Da Vinci Wine Finalists

In March, DaVinci Wine began the search for four talented creative types deserving of a trip to Vinci, Italy, the home of Chianti, the birthplace of Leonardo DaVinci and home to DaVinci Wine’s thriving cooperative of more than 200 growers. The selected Storytellers will not only receive the trip of a lifetime, filled with wine education amidst rolling hills of Tuscany and rare looks behind the scenes of the DaVinci Chianti harvest, but they will also be charged with bringing the experience home and sharing their experiences with all of us through their various creative outlets.

Now, DaVinci wants your help in selecting which four Storyteller finalists will join them in Tuscany in September. Take a look below at the 12 finalists, read and admire their work, and choose your favorite from each of the four categories. Then, visit DaVinci’s Facebook Page and cast your votes before July 31st, 2014. The travel writer, photographer, and two food bloggers with the most votes will become the 2014 Storytellers!

Meet the Finalists

Travel Writers: Passport Carriers

Jenn Wood

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer has extensive travel experience under her belt and has chronicled her adventures for Condé Nast Traveler, Men’s Journal, and Esquire. As Jennifer says, “The best way to truly understand a culture is to immerse oneself in its traditions. To learn the history of a place and its people.”
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Bill Eyer

Bill Eyer
With a passion for wine and travel, Bill finds adventure in sharing his stories and experiences with his readers at Cuvée Corner. He explains, “My canvas is the blog— for the stories I write and the pictures, which capture a moment in time for posterity.”
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Jamie Gall

Jaime Gall
Jamie started her blog, Minnesota Girl in the World, as a way to chronicle her move to the West Coast, and it has since evolved into a space where she shares her passion for travel, food and wine. Jamie explains why she would love to visit Tuscany, writing, “It’s time to broaden my wine knowledge and experience a little bit of the world…this is a dream experience for me.”
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Photographers: Behind the Lens

Nicole Franzen 2

Nicole Franzen
Whether it’s food, travel or lifestyle subject matter, Nicole brings alive even the simplest parts of life through photos. She shares these moments with her followers on and Instagram. As Nicole explains, “I find the details in all things and appreciate the beauty.”
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Carol Han

Carol Han
With an eye for gorgeous photography, Carol has a knack for capturing her food and travel experiences through stunning visuals. Carol writes, “I love having [my blog] Milk & Mode as a vehicle through which to tell my stories.”
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Celeste Noche

Celeste Noche
Celeste uses her photography skills to share both unique and everyday moments with her followers at As she puts it: “I keep these memories in my heart, but my photographs allow me to share them aloud.”
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West Coast Foodies

Liren Baker

Liren Baker
From her California kitchen, Liren creates delicious recipes accompanied by captivating photographs and shares them at Kitchen Confidante. Liren is excited about the possibility of learning about wine in Tuscany, writing: “To go beyond reading about a wine and actually experience it, that would be incredible.”
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Maria Nelson

Maria Nelson
Maria is a Washington-based blogger with a focus on seasonal food and food heritage.  When it comes to her blog, Pink Patisserie, Maria explains, “Food connects us to our history. We all have a food story, no matter where we’ve come from.”
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Kristin Vrana

Kristin Vrana
Covering her adventures in the kitchen and beyond at Food Fash, Kristin is a food-lover from Texas interested in learning more about wine. She writes, “I am always seeking new opportunities to learn more about pairings and wine. This trip would be a perfect way for me to immerse myself.”
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East Coast Foodies

Brandi Evans

Brandi Evans
Brandi is a blogger from Virginia who loves to share stories about the new things she’s whipping up in the kitchen on her blog, Bran Appetit. To Brandi, food is an avenue to tell stories. As she explains, “Above everything else, I want to tell good stories. I love telling stories.”
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Philia Kelnhofer

Philia Kelnhofer
Philia calls Wisconsin her home and writes about simple, sweet and savory recipes on her blog, Sweet Phi. When it comes to becoming a DaVinci Storyteller, Philia says, “It would be a dream come true and the experience of a lifetime. My brand new passport is all ready to go! Here’s to hoping the first stamp is Italy!”
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Karen Tedesco

Karen Tedesco
Karen is a blogger from New Jersey who enjoys developing recipes with rustic Italian and Mediterranean flavors and sharing them on her blog, FamilyStyle Food. As Karen explains, “The privilege of an experience in Tuscany would be very meaningful to me, bringing my life’s work of food, cooking and family full circle.”
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