Breakfast on the Run

Breakfast, Quick & Easy, Recipes
on May 26, 2011

I have a confession—I am a big-time snooze abuser. Each morning when my alarm goes off, the snooze goes on. While I may get a couple more minutes of shuteye, I completely forfeit my chance at a leisurely morning breakfast.  But does this mean I start my day off on an empty stomach? Pshh….I wouldn’t dream of it! Grab and go breakfast options can be just as tasty and energy filled as a sit down meal, so hit the snooze and try one of the following.  

  • Waffle Sandwich: Frozen whole grain waffles popped in the toaster then sandwiched with cream cheese in between is a tasty alternative to a basic bagel or bread. Go on and experiment with a variety of waffle types and spreads. For example, peanut butter is great filling, and perfection when paired with honey and banana slices.
  • English muffin Egg Sandwich: Start off this traditional breakfast sandwich by popping an English muffin in the toaster and some bacon in the microwave. Use a mini egg pan to whip up a single fried egg fast and place it directly on the toasted muffin then top with cheese and bacon. Close the sandwich and wrap in aluminum foil to keep it warm as you dart out the door.

—By Emily Arno