Meet Your New Go-To Summer Sangria Recipes

on July 16, 2015

The Almond Eater

Hello, sunshine!

We like to think of the perfect summer sangria along the same lines of a spirit animal. Haven't found a recipe that speaks to you yet? These 12 summer sangria recipes feature seasonal fruits and berries soaked in a variety of wines, and they represent a wide range of complexity levels. What are you waiting for? Find your perfect match!

Living Sweet Moments

Tropical Moscato Sangria

We cordially invite you to join us in Central America (courtesy of Living Sweet Moments). The dragon fruit, kiwi and blackberries in this sangria will transport you and your friends directly to an exotic beach in the tropics. Drink up!

Get the Recipe: Tropical Moscato Sangria

Feasting at Home

Rose Petal Sangria

Just imagine wild roses, mint and Elderflower liqueur mingling with Rosu00e9 as you soak in the sunshine. Now stop dreaming, and start doing with this divine sangria recipe from Feasting At Home.

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That's So Michelle

Red White and Sparkling Blueberry Punch

The Fourth of July has come and gone, but we think this sangria from That's So Michelle is as relevant as ever. This sweet sip is simple, sparkling and the perfect last minute drink to mix up when friends are already on the way.

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Mind Over Batter

Berry Lemonade Sangria

This rendition features sweet raspberry syrup mingling with tart lemonade and a vibrant berry puree. Mind Over Batter is adamant that this drink be consumed in celebration with friends. Well... don't just sit there. Call 'em up!

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Minimalist Baker

5 Ingredient Spanish Sangria

We've gotten quite adventurous with our sangria, but we can always count on Minimalist Baker to take us back to basics. This simple, traditional sangria has five ingredients and is closer to the original Spanish conception of sangria than some of the nontraditional takes featured here.

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The Almond Eater

Apricot Blackberry Sangria

Thanks to The Almond Eater, we bring you another simple sangria, this time chock full of apricots, blackberries and, of course, white wine. You may want to do a double batch of this one.

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The Frugal Girls

Frozen Sangria

Mango, strawberries and wine all blended into an icy, frozen sangria? Yes, please. We have The Frugal Girls to thank for this boozy cool-down.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Sangria

We know, we know, this much-loved strawberry-rhubarb combo is generally reserved for jams and baked goods. But we suggest you give the pie crust a break and try it with a sweet white wine, triple sec and seltzer instead. We owe our thanks to Vermodern for this one.

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What's Gaby Cooking

Citrus and Basil Sangria

This sangria from What's Gaby Cooking features tangerine juice, blood orange italian soda and fresh basil. It's one of the most refreshing drinks we've found to date. Stir up, and get to sipping!

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Beckham and Belle

White Peach Sangria Popsicles

Alright, can it really get more summery than peaches and popsicles? Nope, didn't think so. These boozy frozen treats are a break from the norm, but we're definitely on board with these sangria popsicles from Beckham + Belle.

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Lauren Kelp

Mango and Blackberry Sangria

This sangria is straight to the point. Why mess around when Mango and Blackberries are at the heart of your recipe? Lauren Kelp does it right with this seven-ingredient, no-fuss sangria.

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Grilled Fruit Sangria

We're taking it up a notch with this grilled fruit sangria from Macheesmo. Intensify the citrus taste of pineapple, oranges and lemon, then add some liquor, wine and champagne. Basically a party in a glass.

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