Our Favorite Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

on May 4, 2015

Teresa Blackburn

Our Favorite Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is for tequila-laced cocktails, colorful dips and spicy mains. Here are 10 of our favorite Mexican and Tex-Mex recipes that we will be serving up this Tuesday.

California Strawberries

Strawberry Sunrise Cocktail

Featuring fresh strawberries, orange juice, agave and tequila (naturally), this citrus-based cocktail is a refreshing alternative to the classic margarita.

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Teresa Blackburn

The World's Best Guacamole

Your favorite Mexican restaurant's table side guacamole may have some new competition. We recommend putting some of this addicting dip aside if you plan on topping your mains with guacamole--it won't stick around to dinnertime otherwise.

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National Mango Board

Cinco de Mango Salsa

Excuse the pun, but this salsa is a must-have on Cinco de Mayo. The bright and sweet dip will look spectacular next to your fresh guac.

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Mark Boughton Photography

Tortilla Soup

Warm, spicy and just the right amount of creamy (thanks to Manchego cheese and sliced avocado), this quick tortilla soup is all you need for a laid-back Cinco de Mayo.

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Mark Boughton Photography

Cinnamon Sugar Bunuelos

This quick, sweet snack shouldn't be solely reserved for the kiddos. Serve atop scoops of ice cream, drizzle with chocolate syrup and you have an easy dessert with Mexican flare.

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Cassie Johnston

Shrimp Tacos

Citrus slaw, flavorful shrimp, and Cotija cheese (though you can use goat or feta) make these shrimp tacos an unforgettable addition to any Cinco de Mayo menu. Plus, they're far healthier than most tacos-but you'd never know if we hadn't told you.

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Matt Armendariz

Roasted Pepper Tomato Salsa

Juicy cherry tomatoes, bright corn and a generous helping of hot peppers combine for a supremely good tomato-based salsa. Pair it with our guacamole and mango salsa for a Holy Trinity of dips.

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Romulo Yanes

Drunken Chile Con Carne Tacos

Take your taco making to the next level and try this can't-miss recipe featuring beef slow cooked in a homemade adobo marinade. Even better, it has a healthy (or not-so-healthy) dose of Mexican chocolate.

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Penny De Los Santos

Corn Torte

Mexican corn cake doesn't mess around. Heavy cream, butter, eight eggs and, of course, corn kernels comprise this rich dessert.

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Teresa Blackburn

Fish Tacos with Black Beans

Fantastic fish tacos require fresh garnishes, a perfect combination of spices, and just the right amount of citrus. Here's a recipe that has mastered the trifecta.

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