10 Over-the-Top Soda Floats

on August 19, 2015


Float On

What better way to conjure the flavors of childhood than with a tall glass filled to the brim with your favorite ice cream float? Well, we've decided to skip out on the typical root beer and ice cream combination of yore, and try something a little different instead. Here are 10 over-the-top recipes that will totally float your boat.


Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Float

Dark chocolate covered bourbon cherries... in a float? Yes, please! Creamy, rich dark chocolate compliments sweet, tangy cherry soda oh, so nicely, and well, a shot or two of bourbon doesn't hurt (but you can always skip it if you're serving kiddos).

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Elizabeth Stark | Babble.com

Blueberry Ginger Soda Float

With homemade blueberry ginger syrup, classic vanilla ice cream, zippy ginger beer, and lime, this float takes summer treats to the next level. Plus, ginger beer is kind of "in" these days. We can't get enough.

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Strawberry Float

Who doesn't love a ripe, juicy strawberry? This float takes fresh strawberries and jam and transforms them into a sweet homemade syrup. Add vanilla and strawberry ice creams (yep, plural) and top it off with sparkling soda water for a truly authentic berries-and-cream float.

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Kristina Vanni | BetterRecipes.com

Floating Peach Cobbler

Oh man...peach cobbler in a float? We didn't even know you could go there, and yet, here it is. This float takes everything you love about cobbler and packs it into a drinkable treat. With farm-fresh peach slices, peach soda, a pinch of cinnamon, creamy vanilla ice cream, and a crumbled sugar cookie topping, this float combines two classic summer recipes in one indulgent sip.

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Piu00f1a Colada Float

We're not sure about getting caught in the rain, but we like piu00f1a coladas, for sure. And we're absolutely sold on this lighter, lower calorie version. It combines 7-Up Ten (or Diet 7-Up), frozen pineapple Greek yogurt, and coconut-flavored syrup for a "skinny" pool-side treat.

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"Dirty" Shirley & Amaretto Ice Cream Float

This recipe takes the classic Shirley Temple to entirely new heights. Add vanilla ice cream infused with amaretto liqueur, lemon-lime soda, Maraschino cherry juice, Maraschino cherries, and vodka, and you've got yourself a spiked soda float that looks (and tastes) incredible.

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Toni Dash from Boulder Locavore

Bourbon Orange Soda Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream Floats

Can you say "Bourbon Orange Soda Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream Floats" five times fast? We can't. But we can recommend this tasty recipe. Cherry, vanilla and bourbon meld beautifully into a perfectly foamy treat, but it's just as tasty without the bourbon.

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Megan from The Fresh Fridge

Raspberry Orange Sherbet Float

This refreshing float employs sherbet instead of ice cream for a lighter summer treat. Combining orange sherbet (or both raspberry and orange sherbet), lemon-lime soda, and fresh raspberries for a garnish, this recipe is a super-refreshing warm weather treat.

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Lisa Longley | WineandGlue.com

Orange Dreamsicle Floatini

Orange dreamsicle floats are a timeless soda shop drink, but this recipe spikes theirs with cake-flavored vodka to make what they call a "floatini." Creamy vanilla and orange were practically made for each other, and having cake-flavored vodka for dessert just sounds like a whole lot of fun.

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Mocha Rootbeer Float

We can't snub the classic root beer float entirely, but rather than sticking to the basics, we are mixing things up with this mocha root beer float. This recipe calls for a shot of espresso, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and of course, your favorite root beer for an extra-buzzed summer treat. Top it off with a swirl of whipped cream, and enjoy!

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