17 Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

on September 25, 2015


No Tricks, Just Treats

Halloween is only a one full moon away, and that means a welcome barrage of costumes, parties and, most importantly-lots of sweet treats, in all shapes and sizes. While your kiddos are gearing up for the big night out, keep the spirit of Halloween alive and well with these festive (and wickedly easy) treat recipes the entire family will love.

Brush Dust

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Make your kid-centric Halloween buffet come alive with these deliciously ghoulish (and significantly less terrifying) chocolate-covered treats.

Find the recipe here.


Witch's Broomstick Cookies

Fly into party mode and get witch-crafty with a fun recipe that soars above any ordinary pumpkin cookie.

Find the recipe here.

Bitz & Giggles

Gummy Worm Punch

Liven up the standard party punch bowl with a slime green gummy worm concoction, and keep it cold with the added "wow factor" of gummy worm ice cubes!

Find the recipe here.

She Knows

Meringue Mice

To many of us, mice are probably the scariest thing that could (realistically) be lurking under beds this Halloween-but you'd never guess at such a thing from the looks of these meringue mice. They're just as sweet as they are cute. Get the recipe!

Yummy Healthy Easy

Pumpkin Krispie Treats

Not only are Rice Krispies treats super fun for you and your kids to make from scratch, but these adorable candy corn-garnished jack-o-lanterns are surprisingly easy to make.

Find the recipe here, or try a different spin with these similar candy corn krispie cupcakes.

Miss Candiquik

Strawberry Ghosts

Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries-so everyone will doubly love this spooky take on the classic favorite. In typical ghostly fashion, they'll vanish right before your eyes.

Find the recipe here.

Butter With a Side of Bread

Pumpkin Pretzels

Need a quick and festive snack to fill up a party bowl and keep the kids content? Look no further than these adorable M&M-capped pretzel bites.

Find the recipe here.

The Hopless Housewife

Halloweeu00f1o Jalapeu00f1o Poppers

Take a break from the sugar fix and opt for a decorative and savory recipe the kids will love. These crescent-wrapped mummies are cheesy in all the right ways.

Find the recipe here.


Jack-O-Lantern Sweet Potato Fries

Sliced, pumpkin spiced and ready to serve, your kids and their friends will love these sweet and seasonal treats. And they'll never guess they're eating something good for them on Halloween.

Find the recipe here.

Kara's Party Ideas

Candy Corn Milkshakes

Who knew there was an even more delicious way to enjoy the traditional sugary sweet?

Find the recipe here.

Simply Being Mommy

Mummy Pretzel Sticks

These salty-sweet monster munches are the perfect table topper or take-away party treat for the Halloween season.

Find the recipe here.


Edible Pumpkin Cups

What better way to serve candy than inside more candy? All these orange-hued chocolate bowls require is a handful of balloons and some milk chocolate to decorate with. Your kids will have so much fun making them, they'll forget about the best part-which is eating them, obviously.

Find the recipe here.

Recipe Runner

Mini Spider Pizzas

No form of pizza could possibly be creepy... right?

Find the recipe here.

The Girl Who Ate Everything

Dracula's Dentures

Your kids will love the silly take on vampire fangs and really love the chocolate-y, marshmallow-y goodness inside every bite. Pun intended.

Find the recipe here.

She Knows

Frightful Fruit Kebabs

No muss, no fuss and virtually mess-free, these healthy alternatives to the standard chocolate-fueled Halloween fare will give kids the ghostly ghoulish fix they need, and you can feel good about something they'll be eating during the holiday.

Find the recipe here.


Owl Crackers

End a night of sugary sweetness and creepy crawlies on a savory note with these adorable, almond-feathered owl crackers. (No need to worry, it's perfectly acceptable to continue eating candy after).

Find the recipe here.

Party Pinching

Graveyard Pudding Cups

The only thing scary about these Oreo-filled Halloween treats is how frightfully easy they are to make. You may actually want to impose a hard and fast "pudding cup limit" for the season.

Find the recipe here.