Fantasic Floral Cocktails to Make at Home

on May 6, 2015

sheila gim

Floral Cocktails

Spring is in full swing and we think your cocktails should reflect some of the season's finer floral adornments. Lilac, lavender, hibiscus, jasmine and elder flowers are just some of the flowers featured in the following libations.

Sugar and Cloth

Rose Cocktails and Floral Sprinkles

Sugar and Cloth takes the cake when it comes to adorable and creative cocktail garnishes. This cocktail has an invigorating grapefruit and rosu00e9 base swirled with mint simple syrup and vodka. We're fans.

Get the Recipe: Rose Cocktails and Floral Sprinkles

Sugar and Charm

Lilac Pisco Cocktail

The sour lemon and fragrant lilac in this cocktail are offset by sweet simple syrup and refreshing mint leaves. Garnish with individual lilac flowers to make for a delicate looking cocktail with a full, fresh taste.

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Honestly YUM

Aviation Cocktail

This elegantly purple, sweet drink includes gin, lemon juice and maraschino liqueur for a tart mixture. Balance all that tartness with cru00e8me de violette and you have an enchanting floral cocktail ideal for spring.

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sheila gim

Chamomille Whiskey

Sweet honey, strong whisky and smooth chamomile make this a particularly intriguing springtime drink.

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Cambria Wines

Chardonnay Ice

So it's not technically a cocktail, but we love this clever way to chill sparkling wine with floral chardonnay ice.

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Bright Eyed Baker

Goose in Spring Cocktail

Lavender-infused vodka with raspberry, elderflower and lemon makes the perfect cocktail for front-porch sipping and garden-dwelling on a balmy spring afternoon.

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Pretty Girls Cooku00a0

Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas

Made with hibiscus flowers, vanilla, lots of sugar, lots of citrus, and of course, tequila-this cocktail could easily pass as dessert.

Get the Recipe: Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas


Madeline Popelkau00a0

Summer's Garden

Edible rose geraniums and blackberries mingle with lemon juice and gin in this brightly colored cocktail. Sure, you could wait for summer, but we think this drink is wonderfully suited for springtime sipping, too.

Get the Recipe: Summer's Garden


The Violet Beauregarde

Sarah of Twenty-Somethings deems this drink a "sensory dream," and we can see why. The combo of sparkling wine, lemon juice and cru00e8me de violette garnished with blackberries and dried lavender makes for a delightfully complex drink.

Get the Recipe: The Violet Beauregarde

Natalie Ward

Jasmine Martini

This martini (or "mar-tea-ni") is made with jasmine green tea. Its unique, smooth taste is subtle and perfect for spring.

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Lynsey Walker

Champagne Pomegranate Elderflower Cocktail

This floral cocktail features popping pomegranate seeds and elderflower liqueur topped with champagne. We find it particularly fitting for weekend dinner party.

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