Essential Summer Barbecue Recipes

on May 21, 2015

Let's Get Grilling!

Spring is heating up, summer is on its way and it's high time for a barbecue. Here, we've compiled 11 diverse recipes varying from summertime salads to classic BBQ ribs. So turn up the easygoing tunes, invite some friends to gather around the grill, and enjoy a meal on the patio.

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Grilled Pineapple

If you haven't tried grilled pineapple yet, we suggest you drop everything you're doing, head to a local grocery store, pick up a pineapple and fire up your grill. It may not be a summertime classic, but this sweet appetizer (or topping) should be.

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Grilled Potato Dippers with a Trio of Sauces

Is there anything that potatoes can't do? Add this recipe to your arsenal of potato dishes as an ideal side to any cook out.

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Watermelon and Haloumi Salad

Grilling doesn't have to be all about red meat mains and heavy sides. This light salad features grilled chicken with sweet watermelon and tangy haloumi-a perfect way to grill on the light side.

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BBQ Ribs

What would a BBQ roundup be without classic BBQ ribs? Pull out the paper napkins and make sure to sit outside for this tender, savory, meaty meal.

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Peach BBQ Chicken Burger

This grilled barbecue chicken burger studded with peaches includes a lightened up barbecue sauce in order to keep you slim for summer.

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Korean Grilled Beef

Meat was made for the grill. Try this Korean marinade and get a break from your typical grilled beef-you won't be disappointed.

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Grilled Artichokes

If you've only experienced artichokes in salads or dips, it's high time you try one from the grill.

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Gingered Jezebel Sauce

Pair pork tenderloin with sweet and tangy jezebel sauce and there's no going back. This too-good-to-be-true grilling recipe is perfect for a meal out on the porch.

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Grilled Eggplant Parmesan Sandwiches

No meat? No problem. This recipe is easy, unique and a supremely satisfying way to get veggies in. Even better, it's a healthy option that won't damage your waistline.

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Chicken Wings with Grilled Ginger Plum Coulis

Chicken wings are a go-to cookout dish. These ones, however, are not your everyday deep-fried wings-they are paired with a sultry ginger plum sauce.

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Charcoal Grilled Shrimp

This seafood dish is tangy, light and full of citrus flavors to balance the smokey grill taste.

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