20 Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Recipes to Try ASAP

on June 20, 2013

The Chill Factor

It's hot out—which means chilly desserts are in order. I scream, you scream, and we all know where this is going. In a bowl, in a cone, double scooped, triple scooped, however you take it—frozen yogurt and ice cream are summertime staples. Read on for simple recipes for homemade frozen confections and cool dessert inspirations.

Sorghum Frozen Yogurt

The distinctive flavor of sorghum and the tang of yogurt meet in this one-of-a-kind dessert. We lightened a rich and creamy Sorghum Ice Cream recipe from Chef Jeff Carter of Tennessee's Dancing Bear Lodge by using yogurt in place of the cream and egg yolks. The yogurt is a perfect complement to rich, sweet Tennessee Whiskey Cake, but it's just as lovely served all by its lonesome.

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Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

Starting with a custard mixture like this one will leave you with an extra-creamy final product, and this ice cream has twice the berry goodness to boot—combining blueberries (fresh or frozen) with the added decadence of actual blueberry pie pieces. This recipe is practically made for a Fourth of July barbecue. We're seeing a garnish of blueberries, strawberries and a generous dollop of freshly whipped cream.

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Strawberry Fudge Ice Cream

What combination could be better than chocolate and strawberries? Here, bits of packaged fudge stand in for chocolate chips in this creamy combo made with fresh strawberries. This recipe uses a cooked custard that must be thoroughly chilled before being placed in the ice cream freezer. Follow the instructions exactly, and you're likely to meet the newest addition to your go-to list of summertime must-haves.

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Mr. Jefferson's Vanilla Ice Cream

This rich, homemade vanilla ice cream is classic enough to be designated historical. The recipe is from Dining in Monticello: In Good Taste and Abundance, a cookbook dedicated to recipes from the residence of Thomas Jefferson. Ice creams today are a lot sweeter and a lot less rich than they were in Jefferson's day. If you want to lighten this indulgence up for present day, replace the cream with half-and half, and pile fresh berries on top.

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Mocha Frozen Yogurt

Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Chocolate Malted Ice Cream

If you loved chocolate malted milk balls as a kid—or if you still do (no one's judging)—this is the recipe for you. The distinctive flavor of the malt candies is echoed by the addition of malted milk powder to the ice cream mixture. We love large, colorful sprinkles and a waffle cone or bowl to enhance the fun, nostalgic feelings.

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Frozen Blackberry Yogurt

With only three ingredients, this may seem like an unbelievably easy way to whip up fruity low-fat frozen yogurt, but believe it. The berries are frozen, so the rest of the mixture doesn't have to be—just blend in a food processor and serve. And since the mixture is sweetened with honey instead of sugar, you can feel good about serving up this yogurt any (or every) day of the week.

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Cherry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt

If you like cheesecake, you're going to love this cheesecake-inspired frozen confection. The tang of yogurt, the sweetness of cherries (fresh or frozen) and the richness of cream cheese combine for a sweet, scoop-friendly bit of heaven.

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Fresh Mango Ice Cream

This homemade ice cream juiced up with fresh mango will make your weekend. Both light and rich, the recipe makes good use of fresh fruit and crunchy, slightly salty pistachios, while incorporating heavy cream and two types of milk. Make sure your mango is extra-ripe for optimum juiciness, and garnish ice cream scoops with strips of fresh basil for a hint of color and fresh herb flavor.

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Grilled Peach Ice Cream

We don't know about you, but we keep our kitchen tables stocked with ripe, juicy summer peaches all season long. Next time you're dining grill-side, keep the coals hot long enough to sear a few peach halves, enhancing their sweet flavor and adding a slight smoky contrast. Grilled peaches make a delicious addition to this coconut-based ice cream, syrup-y sweet and lightly spiced with bourbon and nutmeg.

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Pink Peppermint Ice Cream

The word peppermint may conjure images of winter holidays, but the flavor itself, with that "minty-fresh" quality that makes it so popular, is actually quite well-suited for summer. Once frozen, this bright pink-hued confection, dotted with crunchy bits of peppermint, offers a doubly-cool blast to your senses, and the ultimate in warm-weather refreshment.

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Vanilla Ice Cream with Buttersotch Swirl

We say anything with a homemade butterscotch swirl can't be half bad. Swirl sticky-sweet, slightly salty butterscotch into your homemade vanilla ice cream, and well, you might want to stay seated. Ice cream at its finest, this recipe makes for a bowl of supremely creamy goodness.

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Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

You’ll be hard pressed to find two foods creamier than ripe, sweet bananas and peanut butter. So when the two are combined in a creamy ice cream, the result is downright heavenly. For a fun serving twist, top with your favorite strawberry sauce and call it a PB&J Sundae.

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Ice Cream in a Bag

Remember making butter in Scouts? Everyone passed around the jar of cream and gave it a good shake. After a few rounds, the cream had magically turned to butter. Here is a similar feat that not only yields dessert but also a fun exercise for the kids—ice cream in a bag. No heavy machinery required.

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Summer Berry Frozen Yogurt

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Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

In this recipe, ice cream impersonates pie. Our chilled dessert is best made with fresh lime juice for optimum key-lime-likeness. A super sweet milk mixture, tart lime and generous crumbles of graham crackers offer the distinct impression of the classic summertime favorite. If you're of the "more is more" school of thought when it coms to pie crust, top with extra graham cracker crumbles for the ultimate added crunch.

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Lemon Frozen Yogurt with Blackberries

This super simple frozen yogurt features tart and freshly squeezed lemon juice blended with yogurt. Try using vanilla yogurt for a touch of extra sweetness and depth of flavor—just don't forget the sprinkling of plump, fresh summer blackberries to finish.

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Chocolate Malt Ice Cream

Remember the chocolate malts of your youth? Turn them into an ice cream flavor. Look for jars of malted milk powder next to the Ovaltine or ice cream cones in your local supermarket. Also know in this recipe, a hint of salt goes a long way towards accentuating the chocolate malt flavor, so don't skip it! And what better way to garnish your malted ice cream than with malted milk balls? Sounds like a "Whopper" of an idea to us…

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Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Caramelized sugar and toasted almonds are stirred into a custard base to achieve this super-sweet, rich hint-of-caramel ice cream, a flavor also fondly known as "Oh Nuts! I Burnt the Sugar" Ice Cream. The flavor is a crowd favorite at Nashville, Tenn.'s annual Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin' event.

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Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

Once summer blazes begin to subside, try this rich and creamy recipe laced with sweet brown sugar and spiced pumpkin. We think late August or early September is the perfect time to reintroduce the subtle spice of ground cinnamon and nutmeg before things start to really cool off. So make sure you bookmark this one for later—it will be such a fun segue into the autumn.

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