16 Studly Gifts for Father's Day

on June 7, 2013

Father's Day Gifts for Every Man

Just around the corner, we spy a holiday—one that’s just for Dads, and as such, just for dudes. To celebrate, we’ve done some digging, and found 16 dude-centric Father’s Day gifts that the man in your life is going to seriously dig. Ranging from foodie books and pantry items to gentleman’s grooming gifts, we hope you’ll find that perfect something that says, all at once, I love you, Thank you, and Will you share this with me?

—By Alissa Harb

Bring Home the Bacon Gift Set (starting at $35)

Shop Here: Mouth

The folks at Mouth, indie food advocates and purveyors of unique and tasty treats, have done half the work for us with their grin-spiring “Bring Home the Bacon” gift set. The shipment—available in two sizes, depending on how much bacon you think your dad can actually handle—may include treats like bacon caramel popcorn, maple bacon lollipops and bacon-infused mayo. As an added bonus, all gift items are wrapped up in a reusable cotton tote.

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer ($8.95)

Shop Here: Kaufmann Mercantile

You read that right. Bottle opener AND resealer. And no, we’re not talking Hogwarts, we’re talking Kaufmann Mercantile, home to a whole host of charming tools you never knew you had to have. The Hermetus Opener and Resealer does just what it claims, opening and resealing bottled libations—perfect for high gravity brews or specialty beers and ciders that your dad may not want to consume in one sitting. Also great for bottled sodas and tonics!

Courtesy of Smoke: New Firewood Cooking (Rizzoli New York). Photography by Jody Horton.

SMOKE: New Firewood Cooking ($40)

Shop Here: Amazon

“Cooking at its most primal, and delicious…” SMOKE: New Firewood Cooking makes for a most excellent foodie Father’s Day gift. See, it’s all about smoke, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Chef Tim Byres walks readers through a number of techniques for creating and infusing smoky flavors in, not just meats, but dishes and condiments of all sorts, and he includes his Southern and Mexican-inspired recipes for all occasions. Just get a load of that sandwich...

Whiskey Aftershave Splash ($18)

Shop Here: Portland General Store

Straight out of Portland, Maine, we’ve got something for your “Maine” Man… Anyway, this man-centric beauty product is alcohol-free, made instead with essential oils and natural extracts. Portland General Store describes their Whiskey Splash as “Reminiscent of an ol’ yachtsman below deck at the end of a long day on the wild ocean, a favorite Scotch in hand.” Not sure how we can make a more convincing case than that.

Stud Muffin Bar Soap ($6.50)

Shop Here: Plunk Soap on Etsy

Featuring the time-tested, classic man-scent of Drakkar Noir and sporting bold insignia naming your dad a STUD, we’re not sure how this bar soap by the Plunk Naturals shop on Etsy could possibly be a miss. The “Stud Muffin” line extends to an array of bath products, including shampoos and lotion. And at the end of the day, it’s soap, and soap is a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone wins.

Slant Shack Custom Jerky (starting at $13.50)

Shop Here: Slant Shack Jerky

All Slant Shack Jerky begins with grass-fed beef. From there, you have the option of creating a custom jerky in their website’s Build-a-Jerky workshop. You’ll find yourself first choosing a marinade—among options like Hot & Smoky and Bronx Brewery Pale Ale—then a rub, and finally your glaze of choice. If that’s too many decisions to make in one sitting, go with one of the Chef’s Choice varieties instead.

U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club ($23.95 a month)

Shop Here: Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

What brew-lovin’ dad wouldn’t love a Beer of the Month membership? Each shipment includes a dozen bottles—four different styles, three bottles of each—and comes with tasting notes, brewery information, suggested pairings, and more. Clubs featuring international and rare brews are also available, not to mention the wine, cheese and cigar clubs also easily accessed through the same site. Beer of the Month Clubs only require a two-month minimum order, but if he loves it? Then heck, he can renew it.

Blackberry Farm Smoked Onion Jam ($13)

Shop Here: Blackberry Farm

Smoky, sweet, and so savory, this Onion Jam makes its mark on our list thanks to its status as beautiful accompaniment to oh, so many meats and cheeses—making it suited for dozens of uses. The culinary team at Blackberry Farm, a celebrated luxury hotel property in the foothills of Tennessee, suggest slathering it on grilled cheese sandwiches and country ham biscuits, or incorporating into dressings and marinades. But we gotta say, we love ours on a juicy cheeseburger, or scooped generously atop a hunk of nice, sharp cheese. Cracker optional.

Courtesy of Smoke & Pickles by Edward Lee (Artisan Books). Photography by Grant Cornett.

Smoke & Pickles by Edward Lee ($30)

Shop Here: Amazon

In Smoke & Pickles: Recipes and Stories from a New Southern Kitchen, Chef Edward Lee—of Louisville's famed 610 Magnolia—combines elements of his Korean heritage with lessons gleaned from time spent in the American South. The book features culture-fusing dishes like Green Tomato Kimchi, Bourbon-Ginger Glazed Carrots and Okra Tempura. And when they say recipes and stories, they mean it. Chef Lee writes beautifully of his craft—which includes a lot of gorgeous, hearty food—and about his family. This one is a winner.

Monogrammed Steak Brand ($39.95)

Shop Here: Williams-Sonoma

ULTIMATE MAN-GIFT ADVISORY: Hand-forged from high quality iron by a genuine cattle rancher, this steak brand can be customized with up to three initials. If your old man isn’t historically into the “monogram” scene, we can think of three pretty safe letters to choose instead. (Hint: Starts with D, ends with A, D.) The brand comes with a storage rack for convenience, and of course, for proud display. Remember, this personalized touch requires extra time for delivery, but we say it’s well worth the wait.

"Whisky Lovers" Gift Set ($60)

Shop Here: Teroforma Whisky Stones

These miracle stones will chill your single-serve libation within a matter of minutes—and then keep it cool, without watering down your glass. We suggest opting for the Whisky Lovers Gift Set, which includes a set of six stones and two hand-blown glass tumblers, an experience designed for sharing your favorite drink. Looking for something a little more specific? Teroforma’s line of ICON stones (At the left: $14 for a set of 3) allow for a perfectly on-theme Father’s Day touch.

Pampered Chef BBQ Roasting Pan and Can Holder ($39.50)

Shop Here: The Pampered Chef

This Pampered Chef creation was sent from the grilling heavens to allow you, me, and all the dads we know to become masters of super-moist chicken on the grill. The specialized can holder allows for easy roasting with your favorite beer or soda—or not. The can holder is easily removable, leaving you with a superior grill pan with solid side walls for cooking up any combination of meat, fish and veggies. But we must say, we're rather partial to our Beer Can Chicken recipe.

Leather Grill Accessories by Outset (starting at $9.99)

Shop Here: Amazon

The sturdy (and studly, we might add) construction of leather grill accessories by Outset is fit to suit any grill master or grill beginner. Made of durable leather, with a flame retardant lining, this grill gear helps protect clothes and skin from heat and splatters. So again, these are great for the grilling fanatic than can be found by the coals all summer, or for the novice, who, let's face it, could really just use the extra insurance.

François Payard "My Dad's Favorite Cookies" ($25)

Shop Here: François Payard

Even the burliest among us has been touched with a sweet tooth. Fortunately, world renowned French Pâtissier François Payard has taken to offering up batches of famous family-recipe confections, including his own father’s favorite cookies—hence the name. These delicate, handcrafted sandwich cookies feature the tried-and-true flavor combination of chocolate and hazelnut, finished with a coating of 70% Guanaja Valrhona Chocolate. Mouthwatering, you say? Maybe one tin for Dad, one tin for you.

Hand Crafted Shaving Kits (starting at $30)

Shop Here: Dirty Deeds Soaps on Etsy

For the cleanly shaven man in your life—or perhaps one in need of a hint—we present to you these handcrafted shave kits by Dirty Deeds Soaps on etsy. The Badger Shaving Kit (pictured: $40) includes a disc of handmade beer soap, wooden soap dish, badger bristle brush and a concise how-to on achieving a flawless classic shave—The Art of the Manly Shave. Interested in a next-level gift set? Dirty Deeds also makes a Bay Rum & Lime aftershave/cologne packaged in a flask. Man, we love a good theme.

Courtesy of Mad Hungry Cravings (Artisan Books). Photography by Jonathan Lovekin.

Mad Hungry Cravings by Lucinda Scala Quinn ($30)

Shop Here: Amazon

Lucinda Scala Quinn lays the groundwork for what we all pine after—food that is take-out tasty, but in the comfort of your own kitchen. Mad Hungry Cravings is full of healthier takes on classic dine-out dishes, plus tips on planning ahead and keeping your pantry stocked for easily satisfying those mad, mad cravings we all know so well. So next time Dad is craving, say, Philly Cheese Steak, he need only flip to page 68. You’ll be Dad’s hero this time, but once you put recipes like Chinese Egg Noodle Soup (pictured left) up his sleeve, he’ll get to reprise his role of hero again and again.