15 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

on October 9, 2013
Photo Courtesy of The Long Thread

Halloween DIYs for Crafty Kids

From creepy, crawly spiderwebs to plush pumpkin decor, this collection of Halloween-inspired DIY projects offers up Halloween crafting and party inspiration for all ages. Courtesy of a creative bunch of bloggers, each craft can be easily tweaked to cater to small hands.

Photo Courtesy of Happy Clippings

Egg Carton Bats

Repurpose empty egg cartons into festive ornaments to hang throughout the house for the weeks leading up to Halloween. Having a party? Imagine a flock of these DIY Egg Carton Bats, courtesy of Debbie from Happy Clippings, hanging in your entryway or over the buffet table.

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Photo Courtesy of Small for Big

Weave Your Own Web

Weave your own web with these too-cool-to-be-true DIY spider webs from Mari at Small for Big. Pictured here, Mari opts for a realistic, neutral-hued yarn, but kids could go wild choosing their favorite mix-and-match Halloween colors.

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Photo Courtesy of Crafts Unleashed

Pom Pom Pumpkins

Shaunte at Crafts Unleashed shares a fabulous pom-pom tutorial, taken one step further with the use of orange yarn and a few extras, producing the sweetest variation on fall pumpkins you’ve ever seen. Kids will love fluffing their own pom poms, and we love the idea of these for place cards, party favors, or scattered throughout the house for festive décor.

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Photo Courtesy of Modern Parents Messy Kids

Spooky Spider Sacks

Steph of Modern Parents Messy Kids offers up a tutorial for creepy cool DIY spider sacks. The method, which involves yarn, glue and balloons, is beyond clever, and the kids will love it—almost as much as they'll love spooking their friends.

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Photo Courtesy of Classic Play

Halloween Straw Toppers

Turn even the simplest glass of milk into a party with DIY Halloween straw toppers! Perfect for Halloween parties, but just as sweet for anytime crafting fun, these straw toppers come courtesy of Caroline from Salsa Pie, who offers up this guest tutorial on kid-centric blog Classic Play. Kids will have fun drawing their own funny or scary faces—with the straw itself accounting for that characteristically witch-y nose.

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Photo Courtesy of Classic Play

Mini Mummies

This wrapped-up cutie requires just two easy-to-find materials—wire for a perfectly bendy body, and strips of muslin to act as mummy bandages. Once done, these hilarious mini mummies from Jennifer at Classic Play bend into all kinds of fun shapes, so the fun doesn’t stop.

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Photo Courtesy of Simple As That

Paper Plate Personalities

This is one of those why didn’t I think of that? moments. Halloween-hued paper plates, usually abundant in supermarkets and craft stores this time of year, make the perfect crafting canvas. We especially love these simple and sweet pumpkin, bat and Frankenstein characters, courtesy of Rebecca at Simple As That.

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Photo Courtesy of The Long Thread

Paper Bag Halloween Bowls

As author of 1-2-3 Sew and 1-2-3 Quilt, Ellen of The Long Thread knows her crafts. Take the kids back to crafting classics with her paper mache bowls using paper bags and tissue—then use them to distribute candy!

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Photo Courtesy of Alisa Burke

Little Monsters

Kiddos will love designing their very own little monsters—as scary or as silly as they’d like them to be. This crafty project from Alisa at Alisa Burke—author of Canvas Remix and Sew Wild—is a fabulous use for empty cardboard tubes, spiffed up with paint, marker and pom poms. It's a project narrow enough to keep young kids busy—and broad enough to guarantee that older kids won’t tire of this fun Halloween DIY.

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Photo Courtesy of The Crafty Crow

Q-Tip Skeleton Garland

Turns out, Q Tips resemble bones just closely enough to make them the ideal medium for skeleton crafting during Halloween season. This spooky garland from Cassie of The Crafty Crow is elevated with glow in the dark paint, contrasted against black felt squares. Just imagine these dancing in the wind on Halloween night!

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Photo Courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion

Spooky Spider Lanterns

We love the idea of Halloween décor that can be deconstructed and reused in another way after October 31st. These DIY lanterns from Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion offer a spooky glow for the holiday, and then break down as easily as they come together, so your mason jars live to craft another day.

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Photo Courtesy of By Wilma

Halloween Bat Decor

These hanging bats from Wilma at By Wilma are simple enough for the younger kids to take ownership of, but involved enough that they’ll feel perfectly accomplished once finished. Wilma suggests making a few on sticks—we love the idea of these peeking out of centerpieces, even topping cakes!

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Photo Courtesy of Crafts Unleashed

Frankenstein Juice Boxes

Crystal at Crafts Unleashed capitalizes on the parallels between snacktime sipping and one very essential Halloween monster, offering up simple DIY Frankensteins using—you guessed it—juice boxes! Gussy up used juice boxes for easy party décor, or use full ones for the ultimate in festive snacking.

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Photo Courtesy of Smart School House

Halloween Pinwheels

Kelly from Smart School House shares a pinwheel tutorial that’s tailored for Halloween, but could easily be tweaked for any special occasion. The idea evolved from her original post on Post-It Pinwheels, this time using colored paper, striped straws and googly eyes. We love this combination for Halloween, but the possibilities are endless.

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Photo Courtesy of Rust & Sunshine

Creepy Glowing Eyes

These spooky glowing eyes from Michelle of Rust & Sunshine are almost too easy to be true. All you need is a set of multi-colored glow sticks and a steady supply of cardboard tubes. You’re going to want to scatter these all over the yard—so stock up on paper towel rolls for a couple of weeks, and you’re set!

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