11 Fruit-Flavored Candies that Don't Taste Like Fruit

on May 20, 2015


11 Fruit-Flavored Candies that Don't Taste Like Fruit

Strawberry Fruit Rollups, Fruit Gushers, and Mike and Ikes have more than just high fructose corn syrup in common-they're all flavored by pear juice from concentrate. And surprise, our tasting palates aren't fooled. Although we have a sweet spot for many of the candies on our list, we've got to say-they don't taste anything like the fruits they're named for.


Watermelon Jolly Ranchers

There's nothing more refreshing than biting into a crisp, hydrating watermelon on a summer's day. However, watermelon's rejuvenating characteristics get lost in Jolly Ranchers.



Thank goodness for the shape of Runts, otherwise it would be tough to know what they're supposed to taste like. Granted, the banana-shaped candy has a tanginess that makes it stand out from the others-but whether that makes it more banana-like or not, we aren't so sure.



We think the PEZ candy dispensers are both brilliant and adorable, but these candies hardly resemble their flavor labels. There are no signs of strawberry or vanilla in PEZ, in fact, "potato protein" shows up on the ingredients list before "natural and artificial flavors."

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Fruit Gushers

Maybe you love the oozing center of sweet gushers, or maybe it grosses you out. Either way, gushers don't taste like "tropical" fruit-in fact the first ingredient for both strawberry and tropical gushers is pear from concentrate. Suspicious.



There is a wonderful nostalgia to the sticky mess of orange push-ups dripping over summertime fingers. Though, it's time to admit-push-ups taste nothing like oranges, cherries or grapes.


Mike and Ikes

The chewy-sugary goodness of Mike and Ike candies don't disappoint, but they sure doesn't taste like fruit. Modified food starch and pear juice from concentrate come in first on the ingredients list for these little treats.


Blueberry Gumballs

Both blueberries and blueberry gumballs are round and tasty blue treats, but the parallels end there. Blueberries are sweet and fresh-blueberry gumballs are sugary and chewy. But you've gotta love 'em both.



Is there anything sweeter than KoolAid? We think not. In this sugary drink, the coloring is about all it has in common with the fruit on the label.

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Watermelon Airheads

Ok, so flavoring aside, we all know that the edible part of a watermelon is pink not green. Airheads, you should know you're not fooling anyone.



Although strawberry, grape, lime and orange Skittles differ in taste from one another, we just don't get how they taste like the real deal.

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Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups

The first ingredient for strawberry Fruit Roll Ups is pear (from concentrate, mind you) and strawberries don't even make the list. You can, however, make your own at home with plenty of real strawberries to go around.



Did you know that there is a Starburst helpline? Yes, it's true. We aren't sure why, but what we do know is that starbursts don't taste like the fruits they're supposed to-they're mostly made of corn syrup and apple juice.