Quick and Easy Zucchini and Pecorino Pie

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on July 1, 2010

When we need easy-to-make recipes with a sense of style and flavor the whole family will love, we go to our favorite mom, food editor, food blogger and cook, Jennifer Perillo. Based in New York City, Jennifer has two girls and an amazing knack for making meals easier, one recipe at a time. Check out more of her blog at “In Jennie’s Kitchen.”

I’m not sure what I love more about zucchini—stuffing and sautéing the bright orange blossoms or baking a batch of muffins. I recently made a walnut streusel studded coffee cake too, chock full of shredded pieces of zucchini, with a whisper of allspice. But, after a week of indulgence, I craved something savory and quick.

Having just created a new recipe for a basic butter crust, quiche came to mind. The ingredients come together quickly, and the oven does all the work melding the flavors. Anything with eggs and cheese is also an easy sell with the kids, so I had a well thought-out plan.

As I started slicing the zucchini, I decided to take a different approach and strike a better balance between the egg, vegetables and cheese. After gently pressing the crust into the pie plate, I layered some zucchini slices in the bottom of the dish, then sprinkled some shredded pecorino cheese (Cheddar, Swiss or gouda would work nicely, too) before adding another layer of zucchini. This way, when I poured the egg and cream mixture over it, it would seep in between the layers, ensuring a bite of everything in each forkful. And, it’s OK to use whole milk if you want to lighten it up a little.

Less than an hour from start to finish, complete with a homemade crust, dinner was almost complete. The finishing touch was a salad made with peppery arugula from the backyard—a real treasure for this city girl’s family indeed.

By Jennifer Perillo, a food writer in Brooklyn, N.Y.