Winter Soups to Warm You Up

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on December 27, 2011
Chicken Vegetable Soup

"Let there be soup" are not words you're likely to find carved on a stone tablet or scratched out on a cave wall anywhere, but this much historians can tell you: as long as mankind has cooked, he has made soup. And this much we can tell you: There's a reason why soup is still one of the sought-after foods on the planet. It's hearty and nutritious, filling, comforting, and economical—and soup is just what you need…no, what you innately crave when winter sets in.

Here are a few soups and stews that make a bone-chilling day a little less dreary and lot more yummy.

Chicken Soup with Corn and Roasted Cumin is just what the doctor ordered for a case of the sniffles. The broth and spicy cumin soothe body as well as mind and spirit, while a splash of lime juice gives you a much-needed jolt of vitamin C. Click on the image to get the recipe for this healing soup.


Try this chunky pork stew made with a rich "soup trinity" of wine, broth, and tomatoes. A hint of fragrant thyme sets off the lean chunks of pork and veggies, while a unique crusty topping of bread crumbs, walnuts, parsely, sage, and lemon zest added just before serving is the perfect finishing touch. Want the recipe? Click on the image!


A soup that would tempt even the most steadfast vegetarian on a cold dreary day—the key is to let it simmer long and slow. This soup's hearty appeal is in the beef, which gets ever more tender as it bubbles away on the stove for hours. Get a potful on soon—right after the click.


Creamy, rich and nutritious aren't adjectives that often belong in the same recipe description, but truer words were ne'er spoken when describing our fabulous Braising Greens Soup. Click on the pic for the crave-worthy recipe.


Southern Brunswick Stew is technically more soup than stew—but we'll take it any way we can get it. It's a delicious way to use leftover barbecue pork or roast chicken and a completely satisfying dinner with a simple side of saltines or cornbread. Click on the bowl above for the recipe 411 for this one—or any of the soup recipes below for something more to your liking.

By Stacey Norwood, Multimedia Editor