Wings with Asian Flavors

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on December 26, 2011
Asian Wings

Let's face facts about chicken wings: It's been a while since it was "cool" to eat them, let alone serve them at a Super Bowl party. It's tough for an admittedly over-served Buffalo wing to compete with the likes of a trendy pork belly slider or a Super Bowl-worthy bowl of wild-game chili. And when you throw in the carrots and celery with blue cheese on the side, the scales are irretrievably tipped on the "uncool" side of Super Bowl-dom. And no one wants to go there.

So, we started thinking. What if you infused those little chicken wings with fresh new flavors? Which made us think of Asian. Which made us skip right past the teriyaki and head straight for the Thai spices and ingredients in our pantries, and the ginger and citrus in our fridges. We grabbed the honey. We unscrewed the lid on the peanut butter jar. We hunkered down…and next thing we knew, there it was: A new breed of Super Bowl party wings with au courant relevance. Now that's pretty cool.

By Stacey Norwood, Multimedia Editor