What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?

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on June 17, 2011
What's Cooking Uncle Sam
National Archives

President Eisenhower visited Queen Elizabeth II in 1960 and returned with a taste of the royal treatment—the queen’s personal recipe for drop scones. You'll discover her scones recipe, as well as JFK’s fish chowder, LBJ’s favorite chili and Eisenhower’s slow-cooked vegetable soup in the National Archive’s newest exhibit: “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?”

“What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” carries us from American farm to dinner table, showcasing historic documents, recipes, jingles and photographs that trace the history of American food culture and show how the U.S. Government changed what and how we eat.

Learn more about the “Poison Squad”—a group of volunteers who tested the effects of early artificial preservatives (and lived to tell the tale). Find the meaning behind national slogans like “eat the carp" as well as Uncle Sam's solution for cooking out the fish's signature muddy taste. And look back on a time when butter (just butter) was one of seven essential food groups.

The exhibit runs until January 2012 in the National Archive’s Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery in Washington, D.C. and is free and open to the public. You can find a complete list of events related to the exhibit on the National Archive website.

—By Jesse G. Johnson