What The French Toast?

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on July 10, 2011
French Toast

To borrow a phrase or two from a rather brilliant ad copywriter, only a cootie queen or a real son of a biscuit-eating bulldog couldn't love French toast.

Aside from being comforting, cozy, buttery and crisp, French toast is an economical breakfast dish with universal appeal. It not only makes ample use of stale bread you might otherwise be tempted to toss, but it technically requires only two other ingredients to call itself breakfast: eggs and milk.

And French toast has endured. Nearly every breakfast-eating culture in the Western world claims a version, and here's the kicker: in France, it's not called French toast. It's called pain perdu or paine a la Romaine, the "bread of the Romans." But any way you slice it—be it as a serving of Poor Knights of Windsor with jam or a plate of eggy Spanish torrijas drenched in honey—French toast is a simple, satisfying base upon which to build a delicious breakfast. You can dress it up practically any way you like, from sweet to savory, stuff it cheese and top it with fruit, or even make a sandwich out of it, a la Monte Cristo.

If you're open to suggestions, here are a few of our favorite French toast recipes—so good everyone (even lint-lickers) will find one to love.

—By Stacey Norwood