Treats for Santa

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on November 26, 2011
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Sandies 3
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

Everyone knows Santa expects to be greeted with a plateful of cookies and glass of warm milk on the night before Christmas. What they don’t know is Santa (wink wink) might be trying to watch his holiday waistline. Keep the man in red from leaving half munched cookies tree-side by following these lighter Santa snacking tips:

  • Don’t Forget Rudolph: Although reindeers run on glitter dust (everyone knows that), they also crave fresh fruits and veggies. Be sure to leave some carrots sticks and slices of apple for the hardest working deer on the planet.
  • Jazz up the Milk: Santa is a pretty adventurous guy and surely won’t object to your kids spicing up plain warm milk. Give the beverage a little flavor with a teaspoon of vanilla, a squeeze of honey and a ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg. If you want to ditch milk altogether, have them leave a nice herbal tea instead.
  • Allow Santa to Get Sneaky: Go ahead and make a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies or pecan sandies with you kids in the evening, but leave only a few by the tree. A slew of cookies before bed doesn’t settle well with the stomach when a guy's got a night of toy delivering around the globe ahead of him. You and yours can snap up the extras on Christmas day.
  • Help an Elf Out: Santa needs protein even more than he needs sugar on Christmas Eve, so consider skipping the cookies for something a little heartier, like hummus or a yummy grilled cheese.

—By Emily Arno

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