Trick or Treat Trail Mix

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on October 1, 2010

Jennie’s Family Table – Trick or Treat Trail Mix When we need easy-to-make recipes with a sense of style and flavor the whole family will love, we go to our favorite mom, food editor, food blogger and cook, Jennifer Perillo. Based in New York City, Jennifer has two girls and an amazing knack for making meals easier, one recipe at a time. Check out more of her blog at “In Jennie’s Kitchen”

I’m that mom come Halloween. You know . . . the one who doesn’t give out candy. My Twizzler addiction is proof that I’m not a prude around the sweet stuff. I just prefer to use Halloween as an opportunity to lead by example.

Our candy-free treats started eight years ago, and honestly I was a little worried the house would be pelted with the tiny canisters of Play-Doh I’d picked up at Costco. As the sun set and the neighborhood ghouls and goblins descended upon our stoop, the moment of truth had arrived. Thankfully, there were no riots in the street. Well, not unless you count the few kids who asked to exchange their Play-Doh for a different color. Parents greeted me with a big smile and many said thanks for the break from all the sugar. Even the teenagers had a ball—I’m pretty sure one or two even tricked me into serving them “seconds.”

This year I decided to branch out a bit and throw some Trail Mix into the rotation. I am even shaking things up and throwing in some chocolate. I suspect the oats, nuts and dried fruit will need some camouflage to make a handful too tempting to resist. The first test batch was gone in a day, eaten by my own sweet little monsters—the most important seal of approval in our house.

By Jennifer Perillo, a food writer in Brooklyn, N.Y.