Top Gifts for the Mixology-Minded

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on November 25, 2013

For the budding mixologists in the family—and for friends who simply crave a cocktail now and then—we have a list of tools, ingredients and vessels they won’t be able to wait to get their hands on this holiday season. We sure couldn’t.

For the Creative Cocktail Mixer…
Scrappy’s Cocktail Bitters Set ($23)

scrappys-bitters-kaufman-mercFor the home mixologist, a bitters set offers up big impact, in a very small package. A few dashes of any of Scrappy’s uber-potent bitters go a long, long way. Each variety in this set also comes complete with a suggested signature cocktail recipe to try and love, making it ideal for the experimental bartender.

For the On-Trend Bartender…
The Mason Shaker and Shake ($29, $25)

This year, grace your cocktail-savvy friends with a gift constructed of equal parts charm and industry. Courtesy of Eric Prum and Josh Williams of W&P Design, the Mason Shaker makes a lovely addition to any home bar. For the perfect pairing, offer up a copy of their new book, Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails, which conveys a strikingly simple approach to top-notch seasonal cocktails (with the added advantage of equally striking photography).

For the Great Gatsbys…
Tonic from Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. ($16 ea)

jack-rudy-cocktail-bottlesThe folks at Jack Rudy Cocktail Company aim to reinvent the forgotten staples of a by-gone bar-side era—and offer them up to the public in the form of small, carefully crafted batches. Simply packaged and labeled in apothecary-style bottles, Jack Rudy Tonic and Grenadine make a charming, not to mention delicious addition to any cocktail collection.

For the New Mixologist…
Williams-Sonoma Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set
bar-tool-set-wsCover all bases for your mixology man or maven with a full bar tool set. This collection from Williams-Sonoma includes a strainer, jigger, bottle opener, garnish knife, stirrer and ice tongs. Each tool is constructed of stainless steel, and the set is completed by a stand for organized bar-side tinkering. And as if you weren’t already sold on the idea—the entire set is dishwasher safe.

For the Stylish Sipper…
Vital Rocks Glasses
whiskey-rocks-glassesYour lucky loved ones are going to need somewhere to stow all of the cocktails they’ll be crafting, so let’s think in terms of glassware for a moment. Our friends at Vital Industries offer up a variety of glassware from hand-printed pint glasses to boldly printed Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch and Rye rocks glasses. Perhaps your giftee prefers white spirits to dark? Fear not; Vital has something to offer for every taste.

For the Fan of All Things Artisanal… 
Small-Batch Cocktail Mixers from
 (starting at $10)
mouth-com-syrups-cocktailAn online advocate for independent food makers, the folks at Mouth carefully select the best in small-batch treats for our sampling and gifting pleasure. From tonics to flavored syrups, choose any combination of “pourables” to present to your libation-lovin’ friends and family members—then prepare to take a bow.

For the Copious Note Taker…
Whiskey Tasting Notebook and Pen
whiskey-tasting-notebookA perfect gift for the seasoned (or emerging) whiskey connoisseur, this tasting journal allows the drinker to document and rate the flavor profiles of thirty different varieties—then revisit tasting notes to select the ideal whiskey for any given occasion or cocktail. Perfectly formatted to fit tidily inside a pocket, this notebook is designed to follow a whiskey drinker just about anywhere.

For a Drinker Who Values Presentation…
Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds
($10 for a set of 2)
Allow your loved one to add a little extra WOW factor on any occasion to imbibe. These molds are stackable, for space-saving convenience, and they produce a slow-melting sphere for optimum sipping. Be sure to share these freezing suggestions: The hotter the water, the clearer the ice. And if there’s trouble with cracking ice, try placing the molds inside a freezer-safe bag or container.

For the All-Mine Mixer…
Personalized Cocktail Muddlers from AHeirloom
engraved-cocktail-muddlersAllow your cocktail connoisseur to really take ownership of his or her tools with a little monogramming. These sleek, hand-crafted wooden muddlers, available in maple or walnut, are designed after the construction of an old-school nightstick. Be sure to specify that this is a gift item when you place your order! All gifts arrive in a specially designed box with the option of a personalized note .

For the Boozy Bruncher…
Charleston Bloody Mary Mix ($20 for set of 2 bottles)
charleston-mixWe believe there’s nothing wrong with a good short cut here and there. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with the perfectly spiced Charleston Bloody Mary Mix. Take advantage of a good thing, and stock your loved one’s bar with this great go-to mix, perfect for impromptu gatherings.

For Your Hostess with the Mostess…
Royal Cocktail Coaster Set
royal-coaster-cocktail-setAny hobby host or hostess would love to receive the gift of a Royal Cocktail Coasters set from Rifle Paper Co. for use at cocktail hour occasions. Each of the four designs is modeled after a classic cocktail persona—White Russian, Brandy Alexander, Pink Lady and Bloody Mary.

For a Tea-Loving Tippler…
Owl’s Brew Tea
owls-brew-gift-setOwl’s Brew, the first tea crafted especially with cocktail mixing in mind, gives the term “tea party” a whole new meaning. Perfect for the regular tea drinker who is also known to imbibe, each brew is made up of whole spices, fruits and herbs for the ultimate in tea-tinted libations.

For Sweet-Tooth Sipping…
Sallie’s Greatest Herbal Jam Trio
jam-trioWe’ve all enjoyed our gin and juice, but gin and jam? Now that’s a treat. This Herbal Jam Trio from Sallie’s Greatest includes your choice of three out of seven delicious combinations. And if you’re wondering if these are garden-variety jams (pun intended) that can be enjoyed beyond the barstool, the answer is yes. They most certainly can (and should) be.

For the Outlaw…
Popcorn Sutton Tennessee White Whiskey
popcorn-suttonWhite whiskey, the legitimate counterpart to the more commonly known “moonshine,” could very well be the only truly American-born spirit. A formula developed by famous moonshiner Popcorn Sutton himself, this particular white whiskey is perfect for sipping on the rocks, or as a substitute for just about any white liquor in your favorite cocktail. Read more about the legacy of Popcorn Sutton here.

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