Easter Candy and Chocolates: Our Favorites

on April 14, 2014

Easter baskets brimming with colorful eggs, trinkets, and sweet delights? Sounds like the usual Easter basket fare. But this year, encourage the Easter Bunny to kick things up a notch with one-of-a-kind treats made right here in the US of A. From tangy jellybeans to chocolate spiced with red chili, these offerings can double as a sweet token of appreciation for your Easter hostess, too.


Gimbal’s  Fine Candies

Sour Jelly Beans

Gimbal’s, a San Francisco mainstay since 1898, is opting for sour rather than sweet this Easter with their line of Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans. Kids who prefer tangy and tart will welcome this new addition to the Easter Bunny’s usual haul. As an added bonus, all Gimbal’s jellybeans are guaranteed to be allergen-free, making Gimbal’s products a great choice for kids with gluten, peanut, or other allergies.


Lake Champlain Chocolates

E512-001003 FT_WS13

Quite possibly the smoothest chocolate you will ever taste, Lake Champlain offers a variety of chocolate bunnies, eggs, and even carrots. The Vermont chocolatier crafts the delicate offerings with fair trade, organic chocolate that makes a little bit go a long way in the flavor department. We love the tender features and silky flavor of the Organic Milk Sea Salt & Almond Bunny, but the Dark Chocolate Carrots are equally as delectable.


Jelly Belly


Jelly Belly wins for creativity points. Although jellybeans are the candymaker’s claim to fame, offerings have expanded from beans to bunny corn, sour bunnies, and other Easter mixes. If your child loves Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, or Disney, Jelly Belly also offers candies with beloved characters on the packaging to add a nice personal touch to the Easter bounty.


Marich Confectionery

Black-Heart-Black-Cherry- Box-Large (3)

If bunnies and pastel colors are missing the mark (especially for a boy’s Easter basket), Marich provides a great alternative. Fruity candy and licorice lovers won’t be able to resist Black Cherry Licorice Hearts. Marich’s robin’s eggs are filled with salted caramel, and will add a bespeckled pop of color to baskets in need of a little extra something.



Easter Bunny

Springtime critters with art deco flare describe Tcho’s visual approach to seasonal sweets. Dark and milk chocolate bars are neatly stacked and tied with a bow for a festive, fuss-free hostess gift. We especially love the Easter Floral Bunny Clear Box for a delicious touch of spring at the Passover or Easter table.


Colt’s Chocolate

Sampler White darker 350

Short on time and needing a fully assembled basket of chocolatey delights? Colt’s Chocolate Sampler includes a slew of individually wrapped treats. The small-shop chocalatier also offers chocolate covered marshmallows that are sure to be basket classics.


Key Largo Chocolates


Easter basket filler, hostess gift, or special dessert offering: Key Lime Cake Balls from Florida’s Key Largo Chocolates are a succulent triple threat. And we find them absolutely precious in their springy and pastel shade of key lime green. For a fun twist on an Easter favorite, also consider their Coconut Cake Balls.



Theo Chocolate 2

Chocoholics with a taste for perfectly paired flavors will appreciate Easter tidings from Theo. Pairings range from classic (raspberry dark chocolate) to daring (chili dark chocolate). No matter where you fall on the classic to daring continuum, Theo’s affordable offerings are sure to be a hit.



Peepsters whole

Although the sweet, yellow chicks are an Easter mainstay, Peepsters really up the flavor game with the chocolate and marshmallow creme pairing. We are particularly impressed by the fluffiness of the center despite being incased by a generous layer of chocolate.


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