To Market

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on May 2, 2011
The market's landmark sign overlooks Elliot Bay waterfront in Seattle.

Chef/instructor Diane LaVonne of Diane’s Market Kitchen in Seattle has a 9-acre classroom right outside her door: the renowned Pike Place Market. Guiding guests through the maze of stalls, she shares her stories and tips about Seattle’s colorful food scene.

Pike Place Market first opened in 1907 with eight farmers selling their produce to a crowd of grateful Seattle shoppers seeking out fresh local vegetables. The energetic LaVonne offers tours of the  market combined with cooking classes. She likes to blend local ingredients that ripen at the same time and suggests incorporating them into the same dish if possible or within the same menu—like a blackened salmon dinner topped off with a rhubarb pie.

“When I put a plate in front of someone I want my voice as a chef to be silent. If I have cooked with passion and love, the food will not just speak, it will sing!”

—By Gigi Ragland