This and That: March 2013

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on February 22, 2013

Refrigerator Bran Muffins
It’s our annual breakfast issue, and we say bring back the bran muffin. They’re pretty close to perfect—high in fiber, convenient (the batter keeps in the fridge for weeks), portable and tasty. They’re great to have on hand for kids on the run. Face it, bran tastes better accompanied by buttermilk, sugar and cinnamon. So celebrate National Nutrition Month and our annual breakfast issue and give them a try. For this recipe and 10 of our healthiest muffins, Click Here for More
                                                                      —Jill Melton, Editor

Don’t get duped by these dubious claims. Instead read the label.

“Natural”—This claim is supposed to point out minimal processing and additives; however, the FDA does not monitor these claims, relying instead on the honor system—something we find in short supply.

“Healthy”—Like “natural,” the “healthy” moniker is something that is not monitored and therefore can mean just about anything (or nothing).

“Made with real _____” (fill in the blank) —That may be true, but the “real” ingredient could be as little as 5 percent of the total ingredients. Even the most processed junk food might be made with real milk, cheese or chocolate.

Tie-Dyed Easter EggsKarry's Tie-Dyed EggsWow.” That’s all we could say when we saw these dyed eggs. All you need are some thrift store silk neckties and a little vinegar. For how-to’s, Click Here for More

2 Food Tricks: Olives and OJ
• I love canned black olives—preferably eaten straight from the can. But when there’s enough left to cook with, here’s a trick: Mince them and add to tomato sauce. It elevates both the olives and the sauce. Of course, use California black ripe olives, to keep the love stateside.
• Squeeze the juice from 2 to 3 oranges and add to your frozen concentrated juice. It will make the entire container taste like fresh.
                                                                  —Jill Melton, Editor

I  Biscuits Sweepstakes
Yogurt Biscuits
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