Dinner and a Movie

Dinner + Movie, Recipes
on March 9, 2011

If you’ve seen The Italian Job with Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg, then you probably remember the scene where you spot Michael Caine in the movie Alfie on a large-screen television. It was the filmmaker’s nod to the original movie (starring Caine), shot almost 40 years before—and one of the few you’ll find in the entire film.

In an effort to bring some originality to the newer cut, the screenwriters for the 2003 version purposely only watched the original once. And while we laud their creative integrity, we mourn the idea that an entire generation of movie-lovers believe that Wahlberg was the first Charlie Croker, when in fact, that honor goes to the inimitable Michael Caine (backed up by the even more dashing Noel Coward).

And an original deserves an original—our Chicago-style pizza comes to us courtesy of a landmark Windy City Eatery that opened in 1943, and the recipe is just as amazing today as it was 68 years ago when it was first made. Sometimes the oldies really are the best goodies.