The Fig

In Season, Ingredient
on May 9, 2012

"Liberating the Fig from the Newton." That is the goal of the  California Fig Advisory Board. Yes indeed there is one. And they want you to eat more figs. But they don't have to twist our arms. We love them. Fresh and dried. If you're not so sure, maybe these facts will convince you to add this overlooked tree fruit to your diet.

  • Five dried figs give you 20 percent of your fiber requirements for the day, and they’re also high in potassium.
  • Figs actually dry on the tree, fall off naturally, are swept up, and then packaged. No artificial drying procedures are used.
  • Dried figs have a lower carbon footprint than most fruits as are dried naturally.
  • California accounts for 100 percent of the dried fig production and 98 percent of the fresh frig production in the U.S.