Coca-Cola Cake

Christmas, Featured Article, Holidays
on December 11, 2011

It's a little-known fact that though it's been around since the 18th Century, The 12 Days of Christmas didn't became popular in this country until 1910, when Emily Brown, a Wisconsin teacher, requisitioned its use for a school Christmas pageant. Or so says Wikipedia.

We're not too clear on the history of the song, it's true, and we stumble over at least a couple of the verses every time we sing it, tangling up leaping lords with swimming swans and drumming drummers. But we love it nonetheless; it's part of our Christmas past as well as our Christmas present—a tried-and-true favorite that never gets old. We feel much the same about our favorite holiday cakes. No matter how many times we bake them, they never seem outdated and they taste like Christmas every time.

Here are some holiday cakes we adore—a new cake each day for the 12 Days of Christmas; each one is as beloved as a favorite carol. And we're willing to bet that one bite of any in the bunch will have you singing the same tune.

— By Stacey Norwood, Multimedia Editor