The 10 Most Eccentric Vodka Flavors

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on November 17, 2014
10 Eccentric Vodkas
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Whether enjoyed straight or swirled into cocktail form, the Eastern European drink, vodka, stems from the Slavic word for water. Today, the liquor does not always hold on to its neutral characteristics—in fact, it can be infused and flavored with just about anything. Here are 10 vodka variations that prove how crazy creative distillers are.

1. Bison Grass Infused Vodka
This popular Polish brand sells a subtle drink based on sweet grasses. Their company’s virtual bartender explains that the vodka is traditionally served over ice with apple juice and a lemon wedge.

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2. Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka
Have you ever wondered what a fluffed marshmallow tastes like in liquid form? Smirnoff has left those flattened marshmallow to the side and made our curiosities come to life. Advertised as containing vanilla and caramel notes, we challenge you to make an adult’s s’more-inspired cocktail.

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3. Bakon Vodka
Of course there must be a bacon flavor in each product category on the market. The tagline? “Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.” Only with vodka can refreshing bacon be achieved, we suppose. This Bakon Mary does sound amazing for a late weekend brunch.



4. Electricity Vodka
Put a jolt in your drink with this mysteriously zingy flavor. The Oddka brand never says what makes this cocktail so tongue-tingling, but simply “Ever wonder what a bolt of lightening tastes like? Me too…Now lightening can strike as often as you like.” We think the purple drink has some sorts of citrus and pepper flavors. Play it safe and try this one straight up or in cola.



5. Bubble Vodka
One whiff or sip of this vodka and you will think you just swallowed your gum. There is nothing subtle about this vodka variety. Despite is aggressive bubbly personality, the fruity flavor can be worked into most sweet cocktails. Try the Bubble-O 7 cocktail with lemon-lime soda.

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6. Smoked Salmon Vodka
This premium Alaskan vodka is made with glacier ice and infused with smoked salmon. It may not be the best vodka to enjoy straight, but a dash in a Bloody Mary or martini would be a satisfying pair. Bring this bottle into the kitchen to create a special oyster shooter or a creative vodka cream sauce.

10 Eccentric Vodkas


7. PB&J Vodka

Smelling of the nutty spread, this Dutch liquor tastes of fresh raspberry jam. Almond and vanilla notes join the party for a spiked brown-bagged lunch. Great with creamy chocolate cocktails or fruit-juice-based drinks, this is a surprisingly versatile vodka.

10 Eccentric Vodkas


8. Wedding Cake Vodka
In the game of one-upping each other, Canadian Pearl vodka takes the cake. While almost every flavored vodka brand has debuted a cupcake, frosting, or layer cake variety, Pearl has trumped them all with the classiest flavor yet, Wedding Cake. While most wedding cakes served at receptions are far from the best, Pearl ensures that their smooth vodka flavor tastes like the “most mouthwatering wedding cake, it is the perfect union of great taste, quality and style.”


9. (Swedish) Red Fish Vodka
This flavor from Hard Luck Candy will have you salivating for the actual gummy candy. You no longer have to dump your precious fish into a bottle of plain vodka to infuse your own. The vibrant liquor is very sweet and is great with lemonade or fruit punch and club soda.

10 Eccentric Vodkas


10. Purgatory Vodak
Alaska Distillery pushed the boundaries once again with their hemp seed spirit. But don’t get too excited, this liquor uses hemp seeds lacking in THC. However, make a pilgrimage to a legally green state and you may find some varieties that include marijuana’s active ingredient. The vodka is great with another creamy liqueur or just with orange juice.



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