DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Place Cards

 Thanksgiving, For Moms, Holidays
on November 5, 2014

While dinner’s on the stove, set the kids to work on a crafty chore—making place cards for the table. Send them out to gather pine cones, acorns, sticks and dried leaves, then using a glue gun, put it all together:

  • Glue an acorn to the end of a stick. Push the stick into the pine cone’s narrow end and glue to secure. Wrap and glue a small leaf in a cone shape for the beak. Using a marker, draw eyes on the acorn.
  • Write your guests’ names on the leaves with a marker. (If the leaves are not dry enough to write on, put them between paper towels, weigh them down with a plate, and microwave 30 seconds.) Glue the leaves to the bottom of the pine cone.

DIY Turkey Place Card for Thanksgiving Kids' Table