Tap into This Maple-Infused Soup

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on April 1, 2011

Pho, the national dish of Vietnam, dishes up everything a great meal should have—it's brothy like a soup, crunchy like a salad, and meaty like an entree. And like its Asian cousin, our noodle-filled New England Pho is a little bit soup and a little bit not. Whole wheat spaghetti unfurls in the rich broth, and the whole lot is suffused with the flavors that characterize its namesake region: sweet maple syrup, hickory-smoked pork, spinach, and earthy sweet potatoes.

We replaced traditional Pho add-ins—fresh cilantro, sprouts, lime, etc.—with salty Cheddar, green onions and even a little edamame just for fun. And the best part? This Pho is fast—it goes from Dutch oven to bowl in less than an hour.

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Found in: Dinner, Recipes