Tacos, Tamales and Tecate

on March 25, 2011

It didn't take long for word to spread that my sister and I had secured covert tacos………the “taco girls” some of the guests called us. After a long day of cooking classes, I craved tacos. We were, after all, in Mexico, and I had spied a couple taco stands on the drive in.

The bus driver, Ivan, was more than happy to oblige us.  He took us to his favorite taco place and ordered for us. We inhaled the first taco while standing in the shop. The kid making the tacos carved pork off a spit (similar to what you see for gyros), chopped it up and grilled it. Piled it on a couple corn tortillas and topped it with onion, lime and guacamole pepper sauce. It was accompanied with a bag of radishes. The best taco I’ve ever eaten.

We took a monster burrito with us, to go, which I stashed in our fridge, and ate the next day. The next day’s taco trip included a fresh sweet corn and cheese tamale from a cart across the street. I have no idea how they made it, but it was delicious, especially washed down with a cold (locally brewed) tecate.

This slow-cooked pork is great shredded and piled in corn tortillas, with lime, salsa, Mexican cheese, and of course, radishes.


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