Swedish Butter Cookies

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on December 1, 2009
Photo Courtesy: Erica Schultz

Reading about 101-year-old Nora Church in your February 2009 issue inspired me to write about my own grandfather, Herb Schultz. When I close my eyes, I can see his smiling face, hear his warm chuckle and smell the distinctive aroma of almond extract wafting through the house. Grandpa made the best Swedish Mandel Kakor cookies, a family recipe passed down to him by his mother. Although he lived in Florida and I live in the windy city of Chicago, he always took the time to bake and send me fresh batches of cookies, which we called Mandel Gubbar. Each batch was prepared with love and a lot of butter. I hope to pass his recipe down to my children and grandchildren, so I can tell them about my grandfather and how a little recipe continues to bring me big smiles.

—Erica Schultz