Super Bowl Recipes from Top Restaurants and Bars

on January 30, 2014
Medjool Dates
Mark Mediana

You don’t need to know a thing about football—nope, not even which teams are facing off in this year’s big game—to love Super Bowl Sunday. Because this is one unofficial holiday that is all about the food. And while there is definitely no “I” in team, there is one in “appetizers,” which is the best recipe for Super Bowl party success. So we went straight to the source and chatted up the chefs at some of our favorite bars and gastropubs, who’ve offered up this collection of Super-Bowl-ready recipes to make at home.


Super Bowl Dip x 3


Recipes: Triple Onion Potato Chip Dip, Lobster and Green Onion Dip, Cheese and Horseradish Dip
Restaurant: New England Soup Factory
Location: Brookline & Newton, MA

A party wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without a dip. But Marjorie Druker doesn’t want you to stop at just one option. The co-owner of Boston’s New England Soup Company and The Modern Rotisserie, who’s also known as “The Soup Lady,” has a trio of flavorful spreads to get the party started.


Iceberg Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese

T. Schauffer

T. Schauffer

Restaurant: DBGB Kitchen & Bar
Location: New York, NY

Renowned chef Daniel Boulud’s East Village brasserie-meets-tavern is well known for its homemade sausage and towering burgers. But those sports fans looking for a lighter bite will appreciate this crisp—and crowd-friendly—wedge salad.


Gouda Tater Tots

Andrew Meade

Andrew Meade

Restaurant: Meat Market
Location: Miami Beach, FL

Cheese fries have got nothing on Meat Market chef-owner Sean Brasel’s cheesy take on a childhood staple. No ketchup required!


Slow-Cooked Beef and Pork Chili


Restaurant: Delicatessen
Location: New York, NY

Executive Chef and Partner Michael Ferraro has gained a legion of followers for his upscale comfort food. Diners at his popular New York City eatery have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to his menu (think lasagna made with braised pork and eggplant parmesan with burrata cheese). His slow-cooked chili gets an extra hit of depth when topped with a sliced avocado. For appetizer sized servings, serve in colorful ramekins, but we suggest going big with this recipe and serving guests hearty portions for dinner.


Roasted Date Appetizer

Mark Mediana

Mark Mediana

Restaurant: Due Forni
Location: Austin, TX & Las Vegas, NV

Who says football food can’t be sophisticated? Chef Carlos Buscaglia is giving food on a stick a first-class touch with this utensil-less date appetizer.


Crispy Hominy with Pickled Red Onion


Restaurant: The Greenhouse Tavern
Location: Cleveland, OH

Chef Jonathon Sawyer has made a career out of elevating simple, fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to new heights of flavor. And this crispy hominy is a perfect example of that. As fancy as it may sound, it’s surprisingly easy to make.


Sausage Bread and Ricotta


Restaurant: The Wayland
Location: New York, NY

Sausage bread and ricotta is one of the most popular appetizers at this popular gastropub in Manhattan’s Alphabet City. And while the restaurant’s preparation is a bit more advanced, you can cut down your prep time by using a few store-bought ingredients. “We use fresh dough and homemade sausage that we then cook in an antique coal oven,” says owner Robert Ceraso. “But my Grandma made this recipe at home and so can you.”


Fried Oysters Sandwiches


Restaurant: The Social Club
Location: Miami Beach, FL

Chef Douglas Sisk made great use of his oceanfront locale when he created these tasty fried oyster sandwiches, which are perfect for sharing. Regardless of which team you’re rooting for.


Mac and Joe with Bechamel Sauce


Restaurant: Schnippers
Location: New York, NY

Can’t decide whether your current food craving calls for a plate of mac and cheese or a deliciously messy sloppy Joe? Let chef Jonathan Schnipper show you how to plate up an appetizer twofer with this signature dish from his New York City mini-chain.


Smoky and Sweet Chicken Burgers

Steve Hill

Steve Hill

Restaurant: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
Location: New York, NY

Don’t let the name fool you: there’s a lot more than fried chicken happening at chef-owners Eric and Bruce Bromberg’s Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. Poultry is popping up on the burger, too. A heaping helping of their smoky-sweet Pit Burger will have any football fan smiling. (Their griddled corn and bacon makes a perfect side dish.)




Restaurant: Swine Southern Table & Bar
Location: Coral Gables, FL

For a delicious taste of the South, a plate of hush puppies—served hot with honey hot sauce (as pictured) or with deviled crab, celery and smoked trout roe—can’t lose.

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