Summer Squash in Season

In Season, Summer
on June 22, 2011
Summer Squash

While we're waiting for tomatoes, console yourself with squash. Yes, squash. On a recent visit to the local farmers market, we were confronted with a virtual sea of squash—yellow, crookneck, zuchinni, pattypan—you name it. Granted, squash is not the produce one waxes poetic over, like heirloom tomatoes, the perfect peach or local blackberries, but we've found a lot to love about squash particularly when it comes to the grill. It doesn't fall through the cracks (like mushrooms), and it's sturdy (unlike tomatoes) and easy to flip (unlike asparagus).

Here's a recipe for the Latin American version of pesto, called chimichurri sauce. It's super adaptable, working great with any variety of fresh herbs. It's actually better than pesto in that it's not as high in fat and is even more flavorful. Here we've slathered it on squash and under the skin of chicken for a rustic and easy dinner on the grill. Just cut the squash in half vertically and use any kind of chicken you like. Squash anyone?

—By Jill Melton

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