Summer Grilling Tips

Cooking How-To, How-To
on June 15, 2006

When preparing kebabs of meat, seafood or vegetables, pierce the food with two parallel skewers. This way, the food turns in unison rather than spinning around the axis of a single skewer when you turn the skewers with tongs. The food cooks evenly and the kebabs are easier to manipulate.

Soak wood chips in fruit juice for more flavor
Get great flavors from the grill by soaking barbecue wood chips in apple juice (nice with pork), pineapple juice, cranberry juice or orange juice.

Use that rake
A garden rake is handy for arranging hot coals in your grill.

Avoid cross-contamination
Keep a separate, clean platter for cooked foods. Don?t reuse the container that held raw meats or fish.

Don?t crowd the grill
Leave enough room around each piece of food for air to circulate so that the food sears properly and so that your fire has the air it needs to fuel it.

Grilling tips reprinted with permission from How to Break an Egg: 1,453 Kitchen Tips, Food Fixes, Emergency Substitutions, and Handy Techniques (The Taunton Press, 2005).