Summer Sundaes

Dessert, Recipes, Seasonal Foods
on August 1, 2006
Mark Boughton

Here are six sophisticated sundaes, all dressed up and ready to go. The key is in contrasting flavors and textures—creamy sweet ice cream with crunchy cookies, tangy, fruity sorbet, and juicy ripe berries all topped off with a drizzle of intoxicating liqueur. With all that, who needs whipped cream?

What you do need is an adequate spoon to get to the last drop. In general, sundaes are only as good as their ingredients, so be sure to get good cookies, ripe fruit, and good quality ice creams and sorbets. For assembling, ½ cup ice cream, ½ cup sorbet, 1/3 cup fruit, a couple tablespoons of crumbled cookies and a tablespoon of liqueur per sundae worked for us.

By Crescent Dragonwagon, a writer in Saxtons River, Vt.