Strata Recipes: Brunch's Favorite Layered Dishes

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on September 18, 2013
Bacon, Kale andRaisin Strata - H-3
Jessica Merchant

It’s hard not to like a recipe with layers involved—especially when it’s simple. And when it comes to easy brunch casseroles (that can also convincingly pass at dinnertime), the layered king of ceremonies is most certainly the strata.

 A savory Bacon Potato Egg Strata to try:

A strata is similar to a quiche or frittata and is oftentimes made from a combination of cheeses, eggs and bread or potatoes. They are quick to prep and superb make-ahead options for those who aren’t morning people (and who is after all?).

Like most other casseroles and kitchen sink frittatas, being forgiving is one of strata’s highly regarded qualities. Don’t have a vegetable required for a recipe? Use another. Stratas can easily adjust to the ingredients you have on hand and are willing recipients of leftover rotisserie chicken, ground beef and end-of-season vegetable bummer crops.

Allow our following collection to inspire a recipe of your own, and make your next brunch gathering a little less stressful and much more strata-filled.

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