St. Patrick’s Day Beer Pairings

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on March 1, 2012
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

It isn’t St. Patrick’s Day without a pint! The emerald isle’s classic beer offerings beg to be served alongside ale-infused recipes, both savory and sweet. Check out our favorite pairings for March 17th!


Savory Pairing
Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale and Irish Potato Soup with Cheese and Red Ale

Irish Potato Soup with Cheese and Red Ale |

One of Irelands oldest brewed beers, Smithwick’s Red Ale has a caramel maltiness, bready flavor and relatively thin mouthfeel. The light taste and low alcohol content makes Smithwick’s a smooth and easy-to-sip beer that pairs well with just about any meal. For St. Patrick’s day we love the idea of serving a pint alongside creamy potato soup spiked with—you guessed it—red ale.


Sweet Pairing
Guinness Draught with Black and Tan Brownie
Arguably Ireland’s most famous beer, Guinness Draught is an intensely dark stout with a rich malt flavor featuring both coffee and chocolate undertones. We suggest balancing the luxuriously rich brew with a batch of chewy black and tan brownies. Not only do these brownies feature the comparatively lighter Guinness Stout in their recipe, but they also mimic the layered colors and richness found in a glass of Guinness.


For more recipes to pair with pints, see our collection of St. Patrick’s Day recipes below.


—By Emily Arno