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Heroes, Local Heroes
on March 23, 2012
Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Is there a new baby on the way in your family? Do you have a friend who needs some extra TLC? Check out, a website that simplifies the process of organizing meal giving.

Michael and Kathleen Laramee of Burlington, Vt., started meal Train in September 2009, when Kathleen set about organizing meals for a new mother. As the network of meal providers grew, Kathleen struggled to stay organized and found herself answering the same questions about scheduling, food likes and dislikes, and the number of servings needed.

Enter meal Train, a one-stop website that Michael and former college friend Stephen DePasquale created for inviting participants, setting up a calendar and making giving meals easy.
“There is no greater way to fortify a community than by empowering its citizens to perform acts of kindness,” Michael explains. Home cooks and good neighbors have organized more than 400,000 meals to 42,000 families over the past year. That’s a lot of love.

Once you're ready to start giving, make the feel-good recipes recipes featured below.

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