Single Servings

on April 27, 2011

When there’s no one but you to cook for or with, it’s tempting to turn to a less than desirable T.V. dinner or sad bowl of spaghetti at dinnertime. Yes, it’s not easy being single in the kitchen…but it is doable with a few simple tips and recipes:

  1. Clean out the Cabinets. Limit the amount of pre-packaged dinners and nibbling knick-knacks in your kitchen. You will never get into the groove of cooking with those easy-way-outs hanging around.
  2. Leftovers are the single’s best friends. Prepare bulk meals that will store well and can be either frozen or eaten throughout the week. Create a meal plan to manage what you make so you won’t have anything left to toss.
  3. Buy small portions of perishables. It’s tempting to buy a large bag of oranges or apples to get bang for your buck, but they will probably go bad before you are able to finish them and you will actually end up wasting money and food.
  4. Use small appliances for small meals. Personal sized crock-pots and toaster ovens save energy, space and time.
  5. Change it up. Don’t cook the same thing day after day; you will begin to hate meals you once loved. To avoid this, try experimenting with leftovers to make a variety of meals from the same staples.

—By Emily Arno

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