Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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on November 25, 2014
Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

Holiday shopping paralysis—it’s a real thing. Foodies are a particular bunch when it comes to what they like (believe us, we know) and this year’s Relish Gift Guide is all about taking out the dreaded guesswork. You won’t see anything on this list, or on our Culinary Globetrotter and Wine Lover’s Guides, that our staff hasn’t gotten hands-on with and subsequently loved. Now, let’s get shopping!

For the Herbaceous Cook

McFadden Farm Fresh Three Herb Wreath
Price: $40

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

Bring a bit of holiday spirit (and a heavenly aroma) to your friend’s kitchen year round by gifting a gorgeous Fresh Three Herb Wreath from McFadden Farm. All of the herbs and chili peppers woven into the wreath are certified organic and both grown and crafted in Potter Valley, California. Perfect for trimming for culinary pursuits, the fresh wreath arrives green and will naturally fade and dry throughout the year.


For the Baker

Product of GIR Kitchenware
Prices: $8-$16

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

We’ve been big fans of GIR’s (short for Get it Right) colorful silicone spatulas since we discovered them last year, so we couldn’t be more excited to see the company expanding their offerings. This season, we’re stoked about the Flip, Spoon, Scraper and Lid (available for pre-order). They are all produced in a variety of the company’s signature bold colors and are expertly designed for all of your daily kitchen and storing tasks.


For the Gingerbread Latte Artist

Microplane Spice Cup Grater
Price: $10

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

There’s no question freshly ground spices are far bolder than what you can buy in a tin or jar, though hand-grating can be a bit of a pain with an average box grater. This handy cup from Mircoplane eases the process with an easy-to-grip bottomless cup sporting a grate fine enough for use on holiday cinnamon or nutmeg.


For the Sharp Chef

Price: $40

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

Ensure dangerously dull knives never become an issue for your giftee with this ultra-accessible knife sharpener from WÜSTHOF. The sleek and sturdy design doesn’t budge when sharpening, and the sharpener is far more accessible and foolproof than many other honing tools on the market.


For the Stew Maker

360 Cookware Slow Cooker
Price: $260

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

Any stew-lover on your list will more than appreciate this stylish offering from all-American-made 360 Cookware. Built to last while being free from unnecessary settings and knobs, we love how this versatile slow cooker can go effortlessly from brewing meat on the stove to sitting atop its electric heating base. The pot also has 360’s signature Vapor Seal which means its contents will cook incredibly evenly by surrounding food with a delicate vapor of heat.


For the Entertainer

Rachael Ray Dipping Bowls
Price: $11

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

For a simple, cute gift, look no further than these precious dipping bowls from Rachael Ray. Part of her Cucina stoneware collection, these three-ounce cups are perfect companions to salsa and guacamole on a taco night. We also like using the cups as salt, pepper and herb vessels—having them always pinch-ready during food prep.


For the Sweet Tooth

Baked by Melissa Mini Cupcakes
Price: Starting at $20

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

These miniature cuties from Baked by Melissa are incredibly giftable, insanely addictive and very, very good. We suggest ordering a Baked By Melissa collection which includes an assortment of their mini of the month, seasonal collection and original flavors. Another great option would be any one of their “cupcake art” spreads for the holidays. Cupcakes in the shapes of snowmen, menorahs and Christmas trees? You just can’t go wrong.


For the Local Enthusiast

The Hatchery Box
Price: $75 for a three-month subscription

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

Shopping for someone who has an affinity for artisan, small batch products? Look no further than The Hatchery. With a three-month membership starting at $75, your lucky recipient will have expertly selected deluxe food samples delivered to their door. In our sample box, we received six noteworthy products including a jar of addictive Sunflower Maca Cinnamon Honey Nut Butter from Bella Nut Butters and extra virgin olive oil from Other Brother Company.


For the Family Host

Anolon Nouvelle Copper Eight Quart Covered Stockpot
Price: $110

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

If you have that one more-than-generous soul in your family that routinely commits to hosting 15 plus people each time a holiday rolls around, this is the gift. The durable Anolon Nouvelle Copper Nonstick Eight-Quart Stockpot is a dinner work horse if we’ve ever seen one. There is ample space for culinary creations to serve a crowd and the pot is surprisingly versatile—it can go from most any stove top (including induction) right into the oven up to 500F.


For the Soda Obsessed

Mastrad Purefizz
Price: $60

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

Know someone who really likes their fizzies? Try to nudge them off the cola train and towards something a bit more innovative and fun—homemade sodas. The Mastrad Pure Fizz is a remarkably simple soda maker that injects carbonation into just about anything: wine, fruit juice, water, cocktails, you name it. We also love how the Pure Fizz doesn’t take up valuable counter space. Do be mindful that the Mastrad calls for one-use CO2 cartridges, but these can be bought in bulk for a reasonable price.


For the Carnivore

Imperial Chorizo
Price: $26 (set of three)

Relish 2014 Holiday Gift Guide |

This non-heat treated Spanish chorizo, by way of Gloversville, New York, is packed with flavor thanks to a long curing time and use of high quality ingredients. Available in a hot, mild and white, we think this chorizo would be super atop holiday bruschetta appetizers or starring in a Frittata.


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