Rediscover Sweet Potatoes

on September 21, 2011
Sweet Potato Hash with Baked Eggs
Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Sweet potatoes are nothing new under the sun. As Columbus discovered more than 500 years ago, the brilliantly hued tubers have been cultivated on our shores long before we were the united states of anywhere.

What doesn't seem to have changed in much of that time, however, is our endless fascination with boiling, mashing and sugaring sweet potatoes, then topping them with broiler-singed marshmallows.

Not that we don't love that old Thanksgiving stand-by as much as the next person, it's just we thought, 'why wait until November to indulge?' Which made us consider that perhaps there are still flavorful facets of sweet potatoes we had yet to discover…turns out we were right. 

Here are five new iterations that made us look at sweet potatoes in a deliciously new light—we think you will too.

By Stacey Norwood, Relish Multimedia Editor




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