Puerto Rican Food: A Salute to Tropical Flavor

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on August 15, 2011
<i>Mark Boughton: styling: Teresa Blackburn</i>

For a summery party theme that’s definitely not overdone, celebrate with the flavors of America’s “51st state,” the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s drinks naturally star rum and tropical fruit. The island’s African and Spanish influences combine with local ingredients for dishes that blend fresh and fried, spicy and cool, and starchy and sweet. Our menu offers three appetizers, three drinks, and a dessert inspired by Puerto Rican flavors.

Decorating Your Table
To transport your guests to the tropics, try these tips:

Use souvenir shells from beach trips past as finishing touches


Fill glasses with turbinado sugar for the look of sand. Top with paper umbrellas.


Orchids: The ultimate in luxury, look for sprays of orchids at your grocery’s floral department.